Issues with my head…

I have had quite a bit on my mind lately. With all my preparation to declare my minor in dance, I’ve been trying to get a firm grasp on what exactly I have to do to prepare for it. You’re probably thinking, “uh, this is an English blog? What’s the deal with you and dance?” I keep thinking about Freier’s thoughts on the banking method and problem-posing situations… I just really, really, really like the idea of the problem-posing situation. If students were given the choice on how to handle assignments, I think the creativity and self expression would be endless! Of course – a lot of students may act lazy and not take the opportunity to mold their own education. A lot wouldn’t want to take the initiative to get things done if they were given so many choices… A firm discipline plan would still have to be in place. BUT – the idea that students could take an assignment and run with it and their own ideas is so… weird! And refreshing! And amazing! I love it. I think the Fine Art Departments would flourish right along side math and science. I think it would create such a diversity that the world would become an even more beautiful place if only people were allowed to express themselves. 


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