Creating an Assignment Response

Given the opportunity to write my own assignment was interesting. It was kind of hard to think about. Luckily I got put with Jesse who always has crazy ideas. The first time we had the opportunity to meet with our groups, we had our idea and were up and running.

I’m not entirely sure where our inspiration came from. Jesse just pulled it out of his mind. I thought it was a good idea – conducting a survey based off of Freire and Robinson’s point of views. I thought it was interesting because it wasn’t your average English assignment. I think it’s a good way to actually SEE how school is working out for everyone, as well as find out some hard facts on whether or not people wish to see an improvement in the school system.

If given this opportunity again, I think we would have discussed more on how to present it. I mean – we only had two of our group members present, and all they did was read right off the paper. Oops! That needs some definite improvement.

All in all, it was kind of hard to be the teacher. I didn’t really want to sit down and think of something stimulating enough to be a good assignment. I didn’t realize how much thought it takes to make something of substance. If given this opportunity again, I’d probably cry. Just kidding! It wasn’t too bad.


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