As I Lay Thinking…

Last night, after spending way too much time working on homework, I couldn’t get blogging off my mind. I’m obsessed with it! Granted, I do most of my blogging on my tumblr, when I should be spending more time here, I just feel like on this one I have to share knowledgable things. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just I’m not the most knowledgable person around… So, a couple weeks ago in class we were talking about sentence fragments. We know they are not proper, but for whatever reason, poets are allowed to use them! I know a great guy from high school who is one of the most fantastic people alive. He has great style, he’s knows more then the average trivia, and he has this crazy good ability to write poetry. I mean – this guy has got it down. He even competes in poetry slams! Yeah! He’s awesome. Anyways, I heard this poem of his when I went to a poetry slam, and after the first few lines I was ready to melt away into a river of pure happiness and joy. I loved it so much I begged him for a copy – I even offered to pay him! But being the legit guy that he is, he whipped out a copy (with hand written notes and everyone on it!) and gave it to me right then and there. He’s given me permission to put it on the internet (so long as I give credit to him – duh – there’s no way I could ever write this good), so placing it on the internet is what I do! So, without furture delay, I hope you enjoy MAX SHAFFNER’S poem, CANVAS:

First of all, you’re beautiful

like, really beautiful, like something out of the deepest regions of my head.

you’re like I picked up a paintbrush and plastered pastels until you appeared;

then you crawled out of the canvas like a beautiful Monet goin all van Gogh on me.

but there’s a distance between us the size of inhibition.

I wanna close that gap between us;

I wanna cast it aside and jump into the cool dark water that is you.

coral scrapes away layers of superficiality;

exposing raw emotion stung by the kind of salt you find in tears.

I long for hand-in-hand and hand-on-waist.

I hear the whir, whir, whir, of the spinning machine acting like a metronome for my brain;

allowing it to keep rhythm with the idea that you are here.

I wanna go barefoot on the grass with you;

truly feeling what it’s like to be grounded

we roll up our jeans; hoping to sink into something bigger than ourselves.

I wanna sleep on the bare earth with you;

with nothing other than us and the stars.

we’ll be our own stellar dust, our bodies coalesced into a perfect form;

forever orbiting the spheres that are our eyes.

I assure myself that you’re inches away;

but my over analytical thoughts add feet.

the kind that walk farther and farther away;

maybe hoping to circle the globe and meet face to face once again;

to try and give it one more shot.

and I only hope that when we’re face to face again we don’t pass up the opportunity.

so what I guess i’m trying to say is;

is that you’re beautiful.

not that kind of beautiful that is in Mary Kay ads;

but that kind of beautiful that comes from your laugh.

from the fact that you make me happy;

even when I’m not returning the favor.

that kind of beautiful that makes me believe that me and you are just like that canvas you crawled out of.

we’re thatched together with the tiny fibers that are our souls;

we’re stretched tight, but when you finally burst out, and close that gap of inhibition;

you realize what it truly is to be free.

Isn’t it amazing?! My favorite parts are when he says, “you’re like a beautiful Monet goin all van Gogh on me”. That’s awesome! I think it’s so clever and to me, it makes perfect sense. I love art. I love poetry. I think Max did a beyond incredible job with this one. I also really like the part where he’s talking about being so close to someone, inches way, but he reads too much into the relationship and he starts to feel like they’re distanced by not inches, but feet. But following that line, he takes that same metaphor of feet (a measurment of length) and turns it into FEET – literally. The kind on the bottom of your legs! It’s so clever. I love it.

So yes – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. I find it simply beautiful.


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