More, more, more…

I’m over you

and the sound of you breathing my name
the sweetest of sighs hanging
on your lips

   and the feel of your finger tips
   collar bone to hip to places
   only you can map

      and the taste of your smile at midnight
      electric blue and tainted
      with too many illegals

         and the way you would stand so that
         at any given moment at least one part
         of you was touching a part of me

            and the aroma you left on me
            my t-shirt and the sheets
            regardless of showers and washings

i’m over you sure sounds a lot like
i still love you
these days 


This is a poem I found on a blog that follow on tumblr. Yes – tumblr. Get used to me referencing it. I simply adore it! You’re about to get a load of posts from me that are full of my favorite poems, my favorite quotes from novels, and even favorite quotes from authors just talking in conversation. I think people who write novels are some of the most brilliant people on earth. For them to take what’s in their head, translate it onto paper in a way that someone will understand and connect to, then share it with the world knowing that someone out there is going to criticize it till it’s worth nothing, is so… brave and gutsy! I love it. I think authors are amazing people.


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