Oh the connections…

“Romeo, Romeo, Where for art thou Romeo?” or rather as Vhap likes to say, “Portfolio, Portfolio, Where for art though Portfolio?”

Secret truth: I am obsessed with Shakespeare. I am! Everywhere I go I find something relatable to him. I think he was a fantastic writer. When I die, I want to meet him (assuming he’s somewhere to be met). He will be one of the very first people I will want to talk to! First of all, I want to know if he really is a man. Yes, some people believe Shakespeare was a woman. Second, I want to see if he looks anything like his portraits. I just don’t think he looked like that! No one REALLY knows who he is, so how can they depict him as such? Third, I just want to have a light conversation with him concerning bascially everything he ever wrote. He has single handedly shaped plays and fine literature! He’s amazing!

Now, I bring this up because he has written some of the most beautiful words on earth. One of my favorite quotes “When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew”, I have long believed to be said my dearest Shakespeare; a variation of a line of when Hamlet is talking to Opheila. But when you pick it apart, the verse is not consistent with the regular diction in Shakespeares time. I looked it up, and sure enough! I have been living a lie! Shakespeare did not speak these elegant words, but rather, ANOTHER poet and author said them! Some guy named Arrigo Boito (I apologize if any of you adore this ‘Arrigo’, but I am not familiar with him). Isn’t that awful? Shakespeare has gone and upstaged this guy because Shakespeare is THAT GOOD. Everyone just assumes that he writes everything beautiful – and I really do agree.

If you’ve never read anything by Shakespeare, I suggest to you “Twelfth Night” which our very own “She’s the Man” is based off of. I also suggest “Hamlet”, with the Disney classic “Lion King” is based off of, and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which is just hilarious, full of whacky scenes, and just all around amazing. I don’t know of anything being based off of it. I hope you look them up! They’re brilliant.


One thought on “Oh the connections…

  1. I remember my sophmore year we acted out a bunch of shakespeare plays. It was actually a pretty fun class, even though im not into acting (not very good at it). I really need to start looking on your blog more so I have can get my posts done, because you have a lot of interesting stuff on here! Your like your own mini version of the oatmeal site!!

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