Black Rock and Sage – ISU’s Student Journal of Creative Works

Oh yes – here we are! We are reppin’ the 1101-06 at the good ol’ write-a-thon! All three of us, hanging out on our laptops because all the original computers were in use, are having a grand time editing our papers for class! Chris was rather successful in his first hour, busting out an additional 400 words! Katy managed a whole 1,097, while I only improved with 70 words. I am quite alright with this since I was already way past the expected word count. If my essay became any longer, it would be the worst thing in the world to read. However, it would be pretty awesome to win one of the hourly prizes, or even the grand prize, for having the most success! However, life is not about winning. It is about getting a good grade in English – right? Just kidding.

Coming to the write-a-ton was rather interesting. I didn’t expect to see so many people here. It was pretty great thought – hourly prizes and snacks, a quiet environment to sit and work on required papers or pieces for pleasure. It’s actually a grand idea since it promotes the literate arts! After reading the various essays that we have in class, we of course know just how important this particular art form is, or at least like to think it is.

Good luck with your final essay!


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