Like a Fish in a Tree

This really reminded me of our recent class discussions. Everyone is brilliantly smart; it just depends on how you choose to apply it. Sitting in a classroom together, we are all receiving the same lesson taught by the teacher. Are we learning the same thing? Most definitely not. Life has a funny way of handing us all different situations; a lot more difficult than others. Because of these experiences we all have a different view and opinion on how life aught to be lived, how kids aught to be raised, and how to basically govern each day.

If you enjoy writing; continue to write. You shouldn’t stop just because someone judges you on it. We are all at different levels, just like we’re in different places in our lives. If you want to a track star – heck, start running! It’s all dependent upon how much work you’re willing to put in, and how much you’re going to let the words of others effect.

It doesn’t have to be criticism that changes you. If someone pays you a compliment, be mature enough to accept the compliment and move on. Remember what they said you were good at and realize what you’re not good at; work on those areas. Don’t let your ego convince you that you’re the best there ever was. Take their words of praise and mold in a way that helps you the most.

Don’t give up on the literate arts! They’re a beautiful thing and still have so much potential.


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