I’m baaaack… I decided after using for my English course at Idaho State University, that I miss it. I miss blogging, I miss writing long thought out essays and posts, so… here I am again! Back in the blogging world. I will point out that since my absence to this blog, I have deleted my tumblr account in an attempt to decrease my amount of time on the internet. Yeah. I have failed. Other distractions have since entered my life so I figured wordpress may as well be among them. And yes. I am thrilled to be back!

Stay tuned; more to come!


A Place of Opportunity

President Thomas S. Monson, current prophetic leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a man whom I admire very much. With simple words he inspires me to be my best; which is why my decision to attend Brigham Young University of Idaho (more commonly known as, BYU-Idaho) is one of the best decisions I feel I could be making for myself. The choice to attend BYU-Idaho was one made of a thoughtful, whole-hearted conscious decision. Choosing where to attend school and build up a career is not something to fool around with. Putting aside any personal beliefs, I focused on why BYU-Idaho would benefit me the most. I was able to realize that the career opportunities, professional attitude held by all students, and geographical location were what I needed.

I am drawn to all things biological. Injuries, animals, and human behaviors intrigue me! It’s only natural I pursue a field along the lines of health and biology. After much research I have decided upon Marine Biology! Of course, BYU-Idaho cannot take me all the way in this field, but the opportunity to attend BYU-Hawaii will increase. So why not attend that university first? Because the timing is not right; timing is important. There are still many factors that feed into my decision of BYU-Idaho!

One cannot dispute the fact that BYU-Idaho is a campus of class. The students there understand that certain campus regulations are in place for a reason. While touring with my brother, he pointed out the beauty of the ‘no flip-flops’ policy. I love flip-flops just as much as the next person, but for some reason there was a stillness and silence that was breath-taking; a reverence you wouldn’t find on any other campus. Just this little difference – which I know I’ll find nowhere else – made me feel so at peace and calm it was almost eerie. However, I appreciated this fact as it has nested in my mind for a few months now.

Finally, the geographical location of BYU-Idaho, being nestled in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho, is a key factor in my decision. It’s far enough from home to give me independence but close enough that should a tragedy strike, family is nearby. This is something that BYU-Hawaii cannot offer me; an island is an awfully isolated place to be. Remaining on the mainland is my best choice for now!

“Find joy in the journey”, is the advice of Thomas S. Monson. As I prepare now to embark on this journey of higher education I know there will be plenty of joy along the way, thanks to my decision to attend BYU-Idaho. Of course, it won’t be perfect and 100% enjoyable since obtaining a degree isn’t supposed to be easy, but it can be done and there will always be something to be thankful for. I look forward to the peers I’ll be surrounded with and the various opportunities that will make them known to me!


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