I am hilarious.

As egotistical as that may sound, I really do think I’m hilarious. I mean – I made this whole post about how I’m “coming back to the blogging world” and then never thought twice about it. But alas – I suppose some things are meant to be and blogging is one of them… even if the posts are few and far between. Don’t judge.

What’s even more great is the fact that this blog was originally started in my English 1101 class at Idaho State! I’ve also used it to submit online essays for scholarships. So if you read before this post, you’ll see some pretty serious stuff. DON’T JUDGE. I love wordpress too much and this email was already attached to it. But I also didn’t want to delete those essays. So world – there it is. DON’T JUDGE.

So what brings me back this time? TIME. I am constantly freaking out about how much TIME there is. TIME to see people, TIME to do what I enjoy, TIME to relax… and then I realized – holy crap. I don’t have that time unless I start making it. But I don’t just want to make it, I want to journal it so those memories are there and can be shared.

Why the sudden freak out about TIME? You must not know me very well.

I am currently awaiting my mission call for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Heck yes – this girl is leaving for 18 months to serve the Lord and couldn’t be more excited, terrified, happy, calm, bewildered, and totally stoked about it!!! In fact – if the timeline is correct, the apostles of the church assigned to handing out the calls should have reviewed my papers TODAY. It gives me chills knowing they prayed for me by name to know where my precious TIME will best be sent to serve my Heavenly Father. It’s mind blowing. I can’t believe I’m really doing this!!! BUT.

TIME. I’m going to guess that I’m leaving in May. Lots of people getting their calls are leaving in May… May 15th and 16th are their MTC entrance dates to be exact (: So… If I’m right there with them, that gives me about 3 months and 8 days till I am set apart from this world and am a full-time missionary!!! HOWEVER.

Even though I am totally stoked to be on my way, I’m suddenly feeling the urgency to do a lot of things. I suddenly feel like I haven’t spent enough time building relationships with the people around me. I’m a pretty ‘alone’ person. I love to talk to people at work! When it comes to activities or weekends, I prefer to spend them alone. Working out, reading a book, catching up on some netflix… blogging… These aren’t really things where I’m all, “Oh my gosh! Gotta get my girls together!” It’s more like, “Hallelujah, I can hear myself think”. So now here I am left in a panic because I’m totally afraid that people aren’t going to write me…

I’m one of those people who gets along with everyone. I like people a lot. So everyone assumes I make good, close friends really easily. And I guess I do… I just don’t nurture those friendships as well as I should. So to all you people whom I call my friends, but really I’ve been a butt munch half friend to: I apologize. You’re really super and I adore you for putting up with me. You are angels.

Back to the time issue! 3 months 8 days (approx). I have been very sick the past two weeks and have had a lot of time to think. So if this becomes lengthy… bare with me. I am about to create: THE PRE-MISSION BUCKET LIST! Eh? Pretty fantastic, right?! Betcha didn’t see that one coming… In no particular order and without further delay –

  1. Finish all the crafts I started over the last year (scarf, quilt, crochet blanket, the lace, bottles, and heels… you’ll understand all that later)
  2. Read ‘Divine Signatures’, ‘Raising the Bar’, ‘The Other Wes Moore’, and ‘Switch’
  3. Go to lunch with Malcolm so he can finally accept the fact we’re friends 😉
  4. Lose 15 pounds
  5. Go on a photo adventure with Jordan C.
  6. Teach Jeffery Michael P. how to date!
  7. Go to at least 50% of David’s frisbee games
  8. Go to at least 50% of Thomas’s lacrosse games
  9. Make more videos.
  10. Take more pictures. HUNDREDS.
  11. Finish my website with Mark B. That classy fellow bought me a website!!! Amazing.
  12. Talk in a British accent more often.
  13. Cuddle with my sister Megan as much as possible!!!
  14. Not yell at my dogs so much for barking or when they touch me with their nasty antler bones.
  15. Sing a Lumineer’s song at the top of my lungs at least once daily
  16. Finish every season of How I Met Your Mother
  17. Kiss someone fantastic! (The last guy I kissed was sort of this random guy. I don’t want that to be the last one for 18 months. I should have taken that into consideration at the time buuut… Be spontaneous, right?) (Sorry if you’re reading this mom… and dad… hahaha)
  18. Make sure my brothers know that I will forever be the wild child, even though I have quite reformed.
  19. Run Robie Creek – even if it’s not the real race. I gotta run that course! It’s a personal thing.
  20. Send a care package to at least ONE of the many amazing people I know out on missions or in the military
  21. Do something HUGE that’s selfless and random at least once a week (help a stranger, deep clean the house, lend a listening ear on my busiest day… seems small, but hello – TIME!)
  22. Do something for all the Y bosses
  23. Kiss my niece every second I get
  24. Go on a road trip with amazing people
  25. Go on a road trip alone to spend a weekend with my brother, John

AND I NEED TO STOP! I’m going to get completely carried away with this list. I mean – holy freak! I have 25 things thus far and heaven knows it’s gonna grow. I mean, a girls only got 3 months 8 days! We think…

So that’s that thus far. I’m excited to start filling in my days with all these great things. I’m even going to create a system in my room so I can visually see what I’ve done and what I’ve yet to do! Oh yeah baby – we’re getting organized! I solemnly swear to post a picture of said system to hold myself accountable! *gasp for air* What have I done… Oh well. It’s done.

So let this be the start of my adventure. I’m awaiting my call – the apostles have prayed for me by name! The Lord has prepared me and I am ready to go. Luke 22: 31-33 “(31) And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, Behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: (32) But I have prayed for thee, that they faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. (33) And he said unto him, Lord, I am ready to go with thee, both into prison, and to death.”

Friends and Family – I am converted and am ready to strengthen those around me. I know Satan desires to make me weak, but I am strong. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ, the Son of God! I know He lives and atoned specifically for my sins; he succors me. He’s running to my aide. I know that Joseph Smith restored the Gospel on this earth! The Book of Mormon is true and was translated by him with the help of our Heavenly Father. I know that the world is a wreck, but with the good news of Christ’s gospel we have every reason to rejoice! I’m so excited to help people understand the plan of happiness. I’m grateful for the knowledge I have of eternal families! I love my family!! I could go on, but sincerely want everyone to know how much I love them and how happy I am. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true and everlasting gospel! This is about to be the most incredible journey – I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all. Christ loves us each individually; I challenge you to find out for yourself. I love you!

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy


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