Pre-Mission List: #1 DIY Crafts – The Bottles

I’ve had these alcohol bottles sitting in my house for a year. My English professor and roommates gave them to me because of something I saw on pinterest and I really wanted to make it for my mom for Christmas! Well – on pinterest it was just a bunch of beer bottles wrapped in yarn. I was going to wrap a bunch of wine and Smirnoff bottles in twine, glue them together in an arch, then put some tall, fake, wild grass and flowers in them to create a fireplace screen. WHAM! freaking awesome, right?! Well I hauled all those bottles home, bought a spool of twine for $20 bucks (yeah – what the heck?) and… never touched them again.

Here we are. The bottles. Finally taking care of them! I actually let mom recycle a ton of them and I just kept my favorite ones… I’m determined, okay? Just not so good at getting things done in the most timely manner… Sheesh.

Treat your supplies with tender love and care!

Let my poor sponge brush be a lesson to all you DIY crafters out there… Treat them with care. One day, you’ll have one left and it will look like this. Useless. I ended up having to use my fingers!

Here's what I thought I'd be using

Here’s what I thought I’d be using

  • I thought I’d be using my spray-able modge podge to seal the start/end points of the twine on the smooth bottle.
  • Regular mod podge for the actual gluing of the twine
  • Tape so I wouldn’t have a sloppy line of glue where I didn’t want any
  • My $20 giant spool of twine from hobby lobby… gag!
  • The bottles are just 3 of many that I still have… Neat shapes, right?




So then I had this wild idea that I would put glitter on the top half of the bottles. So I painted the top parts of the bottles that would shine through. Brilliant? I think so.

Almost there!

Almost there!

So after a lot of struggle, I got into a groove. I didn’t use the tape to stop the glue (obviously) since I was going to be covering the rest with fabulous glitter! So I sat and waited for my twine to dry… I didn’t want any fall-out glitter to stick to random spots of the wet twine.

Whoop there it is

Whoop there it is

And there you have it! I was so excited that I finished these three that I couldn’t wait for them to dry… I literally had just finished the glitter and boom. Started snapping pictures. So they actually look a little better today, and the lighting is way better (it was late at night – no natural light to help this poor girl out!) so… That’s what I got for you. Not too shabby for a year in the making, right?

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy


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