Waddup Finches!

I have some pretty great friends. For not knowing each other very well – we manage to always have the best time. Jordan C. planned a wonderful girls night full of all things fantastic; incredibly fatty food, Just Dance, embarrassing stories (that only I seemed to have?), proposal stories (congrats Julia L!), and… Pitch Perfect. So after a lot of laughs, Hannah P., Jordan C., Emmy F., and myself stayed awake and laughed the night away. As I think about it now – I have no idea why we thought it was so funny, or why we think we could be the best comedians known to man (but really – Hannah P. and I could really be quite the duo!). Pitch Perfect and caffeine does that to you; everything is hilarious. But I suppose it’s time I finish this up like a cheesecake before I share anything too aca-awkward.

I have great friends.

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy


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