I Have a Stalker

I just want everyone to know that with my mission call on it’s way, it’s always on my mind. ALWAYS! And ever since last October, something weird has been happening.


It’s true. Ask anyone. Just kidding – ask my friend Jordan C. I think she’s heard the most about it. So at this point, I hope I have your interest. And as I’m about to tell you who/what I’m being stalked by, I hope I don’t lose you.

I’m being stalked by: Peru.

HONEST! I feel like Heavenly Father is trying to send me a message! He’s all, “So uh, I know you’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but unfortunately, I think it’s time you woman up and learn Spanish. You almost flunked in 7th grade, and since you studied it so much that year for your class, I think you’d be a good fit. Love ya!” Isn’t that ridiculous?! Let me tell you all about this.

A) I talked to Bryce C. the night before general conference (the one in Oct. 2012 when President Monson changed the age requirements) about how awesome a trip to Peru would be!

B) My Basil P.’s sister is about to honeymoon there so he keeps telling me all about it.

C) When members (who are basically strangers) at the YMCA ask me what I’m doing with my life and I explain to them what a mission is (GO MISSIONARY WORK!) they always, always, ALWAYS! guess Peru

D) It was mentioned in general conference at least 3 times

E) My dental hygienist thinks I’ll be sent there so my “weaknesses can be made strong” (referring to my inability to learn Spanish)… If you know what I mean.

F) Every other time I turn on the radio, Rosetta Stone is advertising their deal on downloading one of their language packages and I always think to myself, “Well since I’m going to Peru I should probably buy the Spanish one and get a head start!” Uh – Is this wishful thinking? Or is the Lord planting thoughts in my brain!?

G) A counselor in my bishopric served his mission in Peru – He tells me a lot of stories so I feel like I’ve practically already been there!

H) JUST NOW I created a group on Facebook so everyone could make guesses of where I’ll be going. I then logged onto Pinterest to find a cute design of some sort of LDS saying about missions… When I put “LDS” in the search bar, guess what came up? A PHOTO OF THE LIMA, PERU TEMPLE! Freaky, right?!


Lima, Peru Temple

I) …. That’s it. I’m out.

So there you have it. Pretty much every reason why I think I’m going to Peru. I know people think it’s bad luck if you tell everyone where you want to go, BUT – I don’t particularly want to leave the states OR learn Spanish! AND maybe if I talk about this enough, He won’t send me there. At the same time, I’ve sort of become accustomed to the idea of going to Peru and will probably be slightly disappointed if I didn’t get called there. I just feel like with how much it’s been brought up over the past 5 months that it has to be true!

But whatever the case may be – I know that I will be called wherever the Lord wants me to go. I am STOKED! I’m so ready to be out in the field. Nothing is better than serving the Lord!

While at institute last night, one of my teachers was quoting famous people’s last words. Henry David Thoreau (who is awesome, by the way) was speaking to his aunt. She asked, “Have you made your peace with God?” and He left this life with these words on his lips, “I never quarreled with my God.” Uh – WOW. I love this! I love that he could recognize and feel that God had never left him alone; that he never felt the reason to shake his fists at the heavens and proclaim “why me?” whenever things when off course. I want to feel that kind of peace. I feel like my mission will help me with that.

So with many things to look forward to, like the anticipation of finding out if the Lord has prepared me for Peru or prepared me to trust and put my faith in Him, no matter where I’m called – so be it. I am ready and don’t want to wait!

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy


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