Oops, There I Go Again…

I’ve been slacking! These past few days have been sooo slammed! I’ve had zero time to write. Meh. What is life coming to?! Sheesh.

So I went to Barnes and Noble last night. I know what you’re thinking – who let the shop-alohic out alone? Mom was on the phone. I fled. hehehe… But here’s the real problem. I went in for ONE book, How Winning Works, and came out with THREE others. Barnes and Noble didn’t have it in stock! Can you believe that?! Aren’t they supposed to have every book on earth available at my fingertips instantly? RUDE. So I started browsing, of course…

I asked a woman to show me – er – I mean I stumbled into the running section… Here’s the thing about running books: no matter what sport you play, what hobby you possess, or what job you hold, THESE STORIES ARE INSPIRATIONAL AND APPLICABLE TO EVERYTHING! They’re sooo addicting! So I bought a book I’ve already read that I had borrowed from my friend Micah D. It’s called, “Ultra-Marathon Man” by Dean Karnazes. Basically – he’s one of the most attractive men on earth whom I’d marry in a heartbeat.

You think I’m kidding? Allow me to explain…


And my second point…


And I’ll just leave one final thought on the way I think Dean looks… Just so we’re clear.Image

AM I RIGHT?!! He’s a beauty. And his book is incredible. I suggest it to anyone.

I also bought a book called, “Running Ransom Road” by a guy named Caleb Daniloff. I’ve never heard of him, but was captivated by the small summery on the inside flap. I knew I had to get it when I read a line; so beautifully dictated yet felt like poison in my veins. It goes, “There are countless souls in sneakers running away from something, or better, running through and past whatever it is that haunts them”. I love this because of the clarity and truth that it gives to the sport of running. I’m not as frequent a runner as I used to be, but when something REALLY makes me angry or stresses me out, it’s like I’ll explode if I don’t listen to the sound of my feet greeting the pavement. It happens at random moments; I get so worked up I have to to push everything behind me as I move myself forward. For whatever reason: running fulfills this need. Lifting doesn’t do it for me, other forms of cardio, yoga… Nothing gets to me like a good run can. Daniloff goes on in his book to share his thoughts as he passes another runner, heading opposite directions. They share a wave, acknowledging each other’s presence, then he says to himself, “Both of us alone out here, a community of two, chasing things that will never be caught”. Ouch. He says that he no longer runs from his demons, but runs with them. There are certain things that will always be a piece of us; something that we can’t simply swallow up or push aside. It seems that there are certain things in life we can never truly escape from – or certain goals we hope to achieve – that will haunt us forever. Embrace them; fuel your hobbies with that bold realization and be constructive with it.

Finally, the third and final book I purchased is, “To Be A Runner”, by Martin Dugard. Honestly – I can’t even tell you why I bought this one. I think it has an interesting summary, but I can’t quote it off the top of my head. It’s lying on the floor, two feet from me, but I’m too tired and comfortable to move and pick it up. (: How’s that for honesty? hahaha. However, to give you a brief idea, the little ‘interest grabber’ on the front says, “Racing up a mountain, running with the bulls, or just taking on a 5-K makes you a better person (and the world a better place)”. RIGHT?! And who doesn’t want to be a better person or run with bulls? Ya hear what I’m saying?

And that’s that. 3 intriguing books about running that I plan to knock out in this next week. Get ready! This is going to be legen – wait for it…….. – DARY! (holla at yo girl, all you How I Met Your Mother fans! haha)

Have a beautiful day/evening/life! I’ll be seeing you.

— Moe Joy


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