The best thing ever!

In three short days I will be ending my time as a regular, worldly civilian and will be set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I feel so blessed to have been called to the Texas Houston East Mission and cannot wait till I’m finally there! However, it’s beginning to feel so surreal.

As my departure date nears, I keep trying to think of all these fabulous things I should do – things I won’t be permitted to do for 18 months! Nothing comes to mind. It’s not like I’m a crazy party person; I’m actually rather dull. However, there is one thing that I want to do all the time:

Hang out with my sister Megan H.

Megan and I haven’t always been close. I gave everyone grief as a kid. So now that we’ve both matured; her starting a family and me pursing various things, I’ve realized that I really just want to hang out with her. She’s super cool! She’s a great mom to my perfect niece and I know she loves being the perfect wife to her husband Nic. They are a wonderful bunch. 

So even if she just comes over for the night and we sit around playing ‘4 pics 1 word’, I like it. I like being close to her and knowing she’s got my back. I guess you could say this is a symbol of my readiness to move on; being appreciative of the family Heavenly Father has blessed me with. And blessed I am! I love her so much.

Megan isn’t the most touchy feely kind of person, but she lets me know she is going to miss me too by simply stating she’s “in denial” about me leaving. I have a feeling she’s going to miss my attempts to cuddle with her(:

So pretty much, she’s the best sister ever! Hanging out with her is the best thing ever! I  am so glad that I get to have her as mine for eternity.

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy



Almost Time…

I have been so busy! Oh my gosh! I never thought getting ready for a mission would take so much time. It’s ridiculous! I have spent more time shopping the past 2 weeks than I have my entire life. WHOA. And I’m not even a big fan of shopping! This has been a test of my faith… no doubt… gah!

I think what’s made this whole processes the most real is… either my luggage or my photo session with Candice H. My luggage just sits in my room; daunting and taunting. I feel like it just stares at me, counting down the days. But the photo session also did me in a little… I guess I haven’t really noticed how much I’ve grown up. I mean – I’ve been to the temple! I’ve given 2 farewell talks! I’ve been shopping like a mad woman! I’m officially old. Old and loving it! (:

I have 8 hours of video I still have to watch before I enter the MTC. Which – by the way – is now 8 days! So if I just sit and bust these videos out, I won’t have to worry about them! Perfect, right?! Yeah… I’m really good at procrastinating. Hopefully that’s something my mission can change about me. haha

My friends Caroline C. and Loren S. are getting married this Saturday! I can’t believe it. She just joined the church last  year! I am so excited for them. They are absolutely perfect together.They compliment each other very well; they each bring a great set of strengths to the table. This week is my last, but it’s also wedding week! Thursday is the bachelorette party, Friday we are getting manis and pedis, and Saturday is the ceremony and reception! WEEHOO! I am so glad I get to be here for all of this. I was so worried my mission call would make me miss it! Which in the end I know I would learn to accept, but I’m glad Heavenly Father took my social calendar into consideration 😉 hahaha jk. But he did do a pretty good job!

Now it’s just going to be and Katya B. rooming together after my mission… Us and our 50 cats. Don’t judge.

And that’s pretty much life at this point! Just tons of shopping, church videos I need to watch, and various housekeeping items like packing my room… TEXAS HERE I COME! 8 DAYS!

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy

My Temples

I just wanted to show you the Boise, Idaho temple where I got to take out my endowments and enter for the first time!Image

Isn’t it beautiful?

I also wanted to show you the Houston, Texas temple since I will be serving my mission in Houston. I am SO excited to go to Houston. I want to visit this temple so bad when I’m there! I think it is so unique looking, so beautiful… It reminds me of a southern plantation house. I can definitely see myself getting sealed here someday (: I’ve never seen myself getting sealed in the Boise temple, but I can DEFINITELY picture this. If my husband isn’t from Texas, he’s going to have to come to grips with traveling for our sealing(: hahaImage

Seriously – I can’t wait!

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy

The House of the Lord

Well kids,

It’s official. I have officially been to the temple! It was amazing. The feelings felt there are unlike any other. It was such a beautiful, sacred experience! I am so thankful for it!

I was pretty nervous. There is just a lot of build up to going to the temple. Ya know? If you were raised in the gospel like me, it’s been a destination/goal you’ve been told to make since you were a kid! We sang about it in primary, we worked towards it in young women’s by doing personal progress, we talk about the importance of temple marriage in a singles ward… Everything about the gospel of Jesus Christ revolves around being worthy to enter into the presence of the Lord. So now that the time has come, I was pretty anxious. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I didn’t have my dad there (he’s working in North Dakota), and the thought of finally seeing what has been talked about for YEARS was mind blowing.

I am so lucky to have friends who love me! I had my BEST FRIEND, Brooke R., drive all the way from Rexburg to be there! I had Tiana M., Mallory R., David B., Sally S., my Bishop and his wife, my parents home teachers, and of course my mom. Now, you’re probably wondering where the heck my sister and her husband are? Me too. We were sitting in the temple, our session was about to begin, and more and more people kept coming in… but still no sister or brother. Finally – they closed the doors and that was it. My mom looked at me – panicked! – and I just sat there. I didn’t feel upset, I didn’t cry, I didn’t move. I just sat. I think after feeling so nervous, I had no more energy left. Plus the spirit in the temple is so strong and calming, I just thought to myself, “Well we can go to our own session next week”.

When our session was over, we went out to our car and took a picture. Image

It was just me and mom left at that point – plus David B. so he took the photo.

When I finally had the chance to call my sister, she was nearly in tears. She explained that their temple recommends had expired SEVEN DAYS PRIOR and there simply was no way for them to enter the temple. She said she had called my dad, bawling her head off, all the way from the temple to her in-laws house (a good 20 minute drive) and then continued to cry a little more there. And still – I didn’t panic that she had missed my first session in the temple. I think it was because this wasn’t going to be my most holy and sacred experience… Yes – the first time entering the house of the Lord is VERY sacred and VERY special, it just didn’t feel complete without my dad, my sister, my older brother, or my brother in law there. I was happy to be there, but I want all of them there with me too.

I hope everyone strives to be worthy to enter the Lord’s presence. It is incredible. I love knowing that I can enter the Temple any time I need now! It is amazing. Strive to live your life in accordance to commandments of the Lord; you will be eternally happy and blessed!

I’ll be seeing you,

— Moe Joy

Suit and Tie

“I guess they’re just mad, cause girl, they wish they had it!”

I’ve never been a huge JT fan. However – I think he has risen from the dead. He is HOT, he is FRESH, he like a SWEET homemade roll! MMM!

Can I have him? Can I?

Also – Check out his song Mirrors… I think that’s the title. It too, is awesome.