Sister Stockinger – Texas Houston East Mission – First letter!

Hey everyone, this is Megan! (Moe’s sister) I will be updating this blog as quickly as possible. Here is her first letter from the MTC!

Hey ya’ll,

Basically – there are many fine young men here and thats all i will say on that subject….:D My companion is still the greatest ever. Her first name is so cool! Azialee Hunt – pronounced “asia-lee.” So cool right!? Shes thinner than a toothpick (no muscle whatsoever). So gym is hilarious when we use weights. The weights are definitely no YMCA…..not a bar, mirror, or smith machine in sight. Just a dumb bell. They only go up to 75lbs so even a standing squat is light. Oh well. I guess its time i be a lady and do more cardio. Two elders wouldn’t stop watching me. Aka – AWKWARD! (pitch perfect) ūüėÄ

I haven’t had any cruel awakenings, no “OH MY HECK IS THIS REAL LIFE?!” It’s¬†all come easy and natural; even at 6:30 am. Actually, my room rises at 6 cause we need more time since we are zombie like. The Lord is really blessing me to remain alert the whole day. I absolutely love all 4 hours of study, all 6 hrs of class, and all the extra 3-5 hours of workshops. Can you believe that? 3 hrs of church used to be a struggle. One class period lasts that long with only a 5 min break (if we remember to take it) and i swear – it feels like 30 min not 3 hrs! Everything we learn is SO AMAZING! My heart feels like it will explode, calms down, then repeats.One lady who tought a workshop, “People and my purpose,” got to meet¬†Bednar.¬†She asked him waht advice to give us to hlep us as missionaries avoid the¬†pride cycle¬†(remembering that we don’t convert people, the spirit does) he said,¬†“it’s not about you, its not about me, so get out of the way.” its is my job to strengthen the loving relationships between our¬†Father in heaven and my investigator¬†–¬†not the relationship between myself and the investigator. That my seem like a no brainer, but it blew my mind.¬†haha! I need to remember to get out of the way,¬†shut my mouth during lessons, and let the¬†spirit do his job!

¬†OH – during our 1st day orientation, a man named brother¬†roach relayed a message of when L. Tom Perry came to the MTC. He told the missionaries an experience he had when reviewing and assigning mission applications. A clear voice came to his mind and said, “Am i in heaven?” He thinks that missionaries are truly heavenly angels. This is the greatest work being done; it takes very special to represent our Savior. Or so he says…They let me come! haha. Just kidding – I know the Lord prepared me for this. I’m proud to answer his call.

Sister Hunt and I had the opportunity to teach our first lesson to our progressive investigator, Haleigh. Its just an extremely detailed roleplay; which i struggled with in missionary prep. however, being set apart has softened my heart and allowed me to really dive in and practice my door approach, lesson planning, and actual teaching. Even though Haleigh is just my teacher acting out a real person, ( a girl she taught in her own mission) I have so much love for her! The spirit was so strong in our lesson. I just wanted to gush everything! I’ve never loved a complete stranger so perfectly strong. And a face stranger at that..haha. Funny how that works.

One o fmy teachers, brother green, graduated from centennial in 2009. He’s super cool; has a great teaching method. I think he thinks i’m a spaz. He says he doesn’t understand how i can laugh my rear off one second then begin a meaningful discussion the best. He also thinkys my comp. is depressed. haha he’ll tell us to sit quiet and ponder, then ask her, “Sister Hunt” uh…are you alright?” Cause she’s all zoned out. It’s hilarious. It happens at least twice a day. We forgive him. He’s probably my full-time favorite teacher. <- i guess my brain is confused…:) i’m awake! promise!

Is conference no the best thing ever?! Todays sessions have been AWESOME!¬†I have stayed awake the whole time, in church clothes, on a hard chair, in a hot room. BOOM! If thats not proof of my growth in spirit, i don’t know what is….I find it interesting that almost all the pseakers spoke/mentioned the importance of strengthening the home and family unit. I also felt pain in my heart when sister Dalton told the story of her mom, raising them alone since her dad passed when he was 45. It made me think of susan and how strong she has been, even on her weakest days. As¬† sad as it is, of all the women i know, Susan is the only one i can see who’s strong enough to raise a family alone so early. She is so valient! Her spirit radiates. I love and admire her for it.

So 4 of my roommates are going to Carlsbad, CA. They’re hilarious. one sister, Sister Rodney, is from Tennessee (?) and can sing/quote/act out every movie and musical ever made. She’s especially good at quoting disney….so well in fact she’s helping Sister Wickam write an entire letter via quotes. It’s rather impressive. I’ve learned not to ask what movie the lines and songs are from cause then a 10 min discussion ensues. It’s exhausting.

I’ve been gagging down my on guard oil each night. my throat still hurts so i don’t know what the deal is. I take it in the morning too if i’m not running late. I’m learning I’m allergice to melatonin…which doesn’t make sense since that’s found in the body. I guess I can’t have too much – kinda like if a tsp of adreniline was released into your body you’d die. I was taking the melatonin to sleep at night (it’s a dream come true! ha.) but my throat constricts it a little and i start to have sudden, unexpected coughs. so….i won’t be taking that anymore. The mtc is heaven on earth, but i’d rather no die at the hand of melatonin.

The elders in my distric are hilarious. It’s fun to see that the Lord can do to inspire 18 and 19 yr old boys. We’re asked to refrain from saying, “hey guys!” Its super hard…it’s so natural to do! Or dude, bro, hey girl….teen slang is officially cut from my vocab!

We’ve been practicing our southern slang though. Such as, thank you kindly, yes ma’am/sir, ya’ll, howdy…’s making us feel better so when language missionaries are all “ching pah wing wong, Sisters!” We can say, “Howdy all ya’ll elders!” loud and proud. Texas has no idea what’s coming…..

We received our travel itinerary today. We fly to Texas on April 15th!!!! the bad news is…we have to be up at 1 am to get the last few things in order, get to the travel office at 3 am and fly out by 6 am.¬†We land in Dallas at 9:40 and sit till 11:25. Then we make it to Houston at 12:35. I was surprised we had connecting flights, not direct. Oh well. We’ll sleep good that night! So….if anyone besides Dad and Jordan Carnahan wanted to write me: GET TO IT! Packages are welcome as well, but not expected. ūüôā Look how humble….:D hahaha. Some people who are from the valley get boxes of krispy kreme donuts! Just super taped closed….it’s funny to see them walking around.

So pretty much…..I feel like i’m at college except I have no desire to come home, the spirit is 1000000000x¬† stronger, and everyone is freakishly friendly. So….it’s nothing like college, i’m just confused. I’d call it EFY on steroids but they asked us not to call it EFY since our calling is much more grand and divine. I sincerely feel that this is my divine journey – i’m excited it’s finally begun. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my Saviors love so profoundly and strong. I’m thankful for the Lords timing, as hard and impatient I may be at times. I love you all – don’t be confused, i just loving being on the Lords errand. I’m loving it here! I’ve never felt so confident in being some where in my life. I feel so happy, comfortable, and at home.

Please send me pictures of Keirsten! I miss her chubby cheeks to kiss. Ah! Mybaby…she is so perfect. I hope i can sent the cutest cowgirl boots home for her! ūüėÄ Or just a cheap shot glass from a gas station ūüėČ jk.

So I guess I’ll talk to you soon! Sorry this is so long, but hey Meg…..will you type this on my blog? ūüėÄ My p-day is¬† thursday so expect an email. I don’t know if i’ll be abe to send photos though. You don’t need to see my mtc fat though. haha jk.

The Church is true! I’ve seen tons of people from Boise, my brothers in the gospel!¬† I love it. Anyways, Much love!

Sister Stockinger

Pray for me!