April 11, 2013 letter while in MTC

The MTC is incredible. I’m learning so much. I wish I didn’t have to leave on Monday! I don’t think I’ve ever understood the full capapcity of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I feel like my heart is going to send itself into a heart attack because it beats so strong and fast all the time.

To answer some questions asked:

Food is good,

Don’t drink the orange juice or eat the cour’dob blu crap,

The cereal bowls are tiny – it takes five or six to equal ours at home,

Laundry mats suck,


Really fast: My favorite investigator was this old guy Larry and his wife Judy. Larry is inactive because he felt no one in the church was helping him fulfill his calling or cared for the work he did. He reminded me a lot of grandpa Fielding – he was in the army, went in to the medical field, loves his wife more than anything else. THREE MINUTES! AH! And so I had the strongest feeling to bare testimony to him of the importance of grandpas and the role they play for their grandkids. He started crying when I talked about how much grandpa Fielding meant to me and how his testimony, which he shared boldly and often, is something that contributed greatly to my own. He started crying really hard after that. He then told me that I had said enough, that never before had a missionary been able to touch his heart and rekindled that desire to return. That made me cry like a fountain. His wife bawled the whole time. He said he would start going to sacrament meeting and easing back into his ward; he also wants to read the BOM with his wife. It was so sweet; he loves her so much. We are never told if our investigators are actors, converts, or real investigators, but I can testify to you that no matter what he really is in real life, he is a real person with a real heart. I’m so thankful for the spirit being with me and giving me the words and scriptures to say to him. I miss him already! He touched my heart.

I have to go. My time is now over. The computer timer is red and yelling at me. So goodbye! I go to TEXAS on MONDAY! Yeehaw! See you all soon, thanks for the letters; they mean so much after my super long days!  —Sister Stockinger    Texas Houston East Mission, 2815 W. Lake Houston Pkwy, Ste 109, Kingwood, TX 77339-5220


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