April 22, 2013 reply letter to mom

Hey mom!
I miss you a lot. Turns out I’m more like you than I realized(: I plan my meals, am thrifty when I shop, get annoyed when my comp leaves a mess on the table… It’s great! hahaha
It’s okay if you do all the computer stuff. I just didn’t think you’d have time for update my blog or stuff. Can you make an album of mission pictures for me on facebook? I’d appreciate that…
I miss the MTC. I could have stayed there forever. I miss Sister Hunt a lot. She’s in my mission, but I have no idea what area. Gah! 😦 I want her back. We could have been companions forever and been just fine. haha
I’ve been able to email Megan, you and dad… Grandma and John will have to wait. I think my companion is sick of being in the library; we’ve already been here almost 2 hours. But I really wanted to send all those pictures; proof i’m still alive. She just doesn’t email very much and does a lot of hand writing; plus I think she doesn’t have a lot of people to write. So she finishes fast.
Her name is sister haller. She’s from Bend, Oregon. Lucky me.
People here are nice for the most part. So nice, they don’t want to tell the missionaries no. So they set appointments then just dodge us. About 60% of our are ward is inactive. When sacrament starts theres about 30 people there and by the end 161 (at least that’s how this last sunday went). We have church at 1, so that just shows how lazy people are.
I’ve decided I don’t want to get a southern accent. People here just sound “plain dumb” when they talk. I’m okay with the ya’lls, but even those get excessive… The state flag is everywhere and on everything. It’s lovely! haha. and there’s a billboard with a guy who owns a TRUCK dealership and his picture is hilarious. I don’t even know how to describe it.
 I’ll talk to you next week… I miss you a lot and everyone else. I’ll try to get some hand written stuff to the boys.
Kiss keirsten and the dogs for me!
See you soon
— Sister Stockinger

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