April 29, 2013 reply letter to mom

Dear Mom,
Thanks for all the advice. I really needed it. You said a lot of the same stuff as my president. haha… I think about my growing up years all the time. I’m sorry I was so rotten. I don’t know why I ever acted like that. But I hope you know how much I love you. I think about you all the time. I always wish I could come curl up on your bed and hide under the covers with maggie. hahaha.
How is my dumb dog? Still alive? Still living at our house? I miss those two a lot! I miss Pippa’s crazy face; the way she tilts her head. hahaha
I thought about me and dad’s happy day yesterday! I forgot to mention that in my email to him… Tell him happy day for me!
I’m going to try and make my camera work. I’ll be looking at it some more… Eh. I’ll see how it goes… Can you send some granola some time? Doesn’t have to be soon. But I’m hating cereal and just oatmeal each morning. Plus that’d be a good snack to have in the car. And I told my president about it and he thinks it sounds like heaven! haha he’s really funny. and i’m doing okay on ointment right now. So… Don’t worry about that. i haven’t even opened those 3 i have. I’ve been using up the one i had open at home.
Our mission is allowed 1.5 hours on the computer. President decided that this week. So I’m just going to have to type real fast and hand write all my friends. Dad got me some addresses and I appreciate that. i don’t know why i’m remembering everything he did now that I’m writing you… Sorry about that!
Is david alive? is tom? why haven’t those two bums written me! I got letters from Atlanta, Sloan, and Bailee this week. As well as a girl from my singles ward. And big david has written me twice. So that’s nice of all of them! Grandma emails me too… She’s so funny.
So I’m going to try and send some pictures! Love you a lot. I’m really trying to work and improve myself… Thanks for all the love and letters! I wish I could give you a real hug.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sister Stockinger

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