April 29, 2013

Dear Family,
Thanks for all the emails! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to send love my way…
This week started off lovely, as you know… Last Monday was a little rough. I had an awful morning. That evening was an adventure… Someone likes to steal our wiper blades. A member was really nice and bought them for us. He teaches auto classes at a small college here. He taught me how to put them on! (: I can even check tire pressure, tread, and oil! Look at me go.
Tuesday we got stood up a lot. People love to “cancel” appointments here. They’re just too nice to tell us no… We also had to drop some people. They just weren’t progressing and we had to focus our time elsewhere. We did meet some super awesome ladies though! Their names are Paula and Fenae; a mother daughter duo. We saw them playing dominoes outside their apartment so we started chatting… They LOVE to talk about their Savior! Which is perfect for us! haha They are so sweet; they love that we are out ‘evangelizing’ all the time. We talked for about 2 hours; they told us to come back anytime… So we did. We went back the next day and we shared a message with them. We also scheduled another appointment. So that’s two new investigators! They are so prepared. They agreed with everything we talked about; even modern day prophets! Which is funny cause Fenae is a teacher at their church. So… We’ll see how this goes.
On Wednesday we come to the library to study up on Mormon.org profiles we can refer to people. People are very hip with online religion stuff so they love when we refer them to a computer. I guess that’s easier to read than a book? Even though everyone here has to go to the library to use a computer? I don’t get it. But one profile I looked at was a lady named Athelia Kaye Woolley Le Sueur… She stated, “Happiness is determined by choosing fear or choosing faith”. So you can imagine how that can apply to me right now(: I’m really trying to put my trust in Heavenly Father!
Thursday our zone had the special opportunity to attend the Temple. I LOVE THE HOUSTON TEMPLE! I think it is gorgeous! I’ll try to send some pictures from that day… It was so great. We got to go to a deseret book type store and I bought a new ring. It’s one of the kinds that spins and it says, “Families are Forever”. I got it cause I miss you all so much. I fidget with it all the time when I study; it’s a good reminder for me to know you’re all praying and backing me up. I’m super homesick if ya’ll can’t tell. I also bought a picture by an artist named “Lyon”… He painted the woman with the blood disease and reached out to touch Christ. I think the photo’s name is “By a tread of faith”. It’s incredible. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I bought a small version and it sits on my desk…. I started to look around our living room at all of our pictures and decided: If someone didn’t know our apartment housed missionaries (like is maintence came to fix stuff while we were gone) they’d probably think we’re insane Jesus worshipers! Which – I guess we are! haha I”ll have to take a picture of my desk. I have 3 pictures of christ from the April ensign over my desk… They’re stunning! I love that easter edition they put out.
Friday we had dinner with the Rodriguez family. That woman can cook! She puts on quite the production. It was delicious tacos, roast beef, brownies… yum yum! Earlier this week she also gave us pot stickers, two kinds of cake, and all sorts of little goodies. That lady is awesome! Her husband is way spiritual; he’s on the high council. He talks with such authority! I really admire him. I just want him to teach me so I can memorize what he says. haha
Saturday we had a long meeting with President Crawford… Like… 5 hours… We just sat and hashed everything out. I had a HUGE headache! Tons of crying. He definitely is an inspired man… He knows what to say, how to say it, and how to get you to spill your guts. It was awful and amazing all at the same time. Now sister crawford call us all the time to see how we’re doing. It’s like couples therapy; which I guess we really needed.
Sunday was amazing! One of the best days of church I’ve been to. There’s a mother and son in our ward who we visit; the mom, Tina, has had a stroke. She’s lost her husband, connections with family (they all look down on her), and all kinds of things. This boy is the SWEETEST son I have ever watched. He’s always letting her cuddle on him, he kisses her on the head when he comes to say hello, he he holds her hand while she talks and just strokes her hand… he’s so sweet to her. And he’s only 18! He’s about to graduate high school… But anyways. I love watching them and talking to them. But he spoke in sacrament meeting and shared Mosiah 24:13-15… it really applies to me right now. Look it up; it’s a good one. Also, the sister who taugh relief society said these two things, “success is not an instance; it’s the attitude of never giving up”, “it’s hard to beat someone who never gives up” I loved those. Another sister quoted Eyring… He spoke at a stake conference while she was at school, so his talk isn’t printed or recorded! Bummer! But he said, “When you find out who you really are, You’ll wish you would have tried harder”. So this is me, studying chapter six of PMG; trying harder. Cause I don’t want the Lord to give up on me or consider me a failure. So… Wish me luck.
Thanks for all the letters and well wishes! Things are slowly getting better. I miss you all so much!
Megan: thanks for the pictures of Keirsten. Have mom print them and mail them to me, please!
John: thanks for the email! I’ll try to write more specifically to you soon(: I love you so much!
Thomas: Way to go on you LAX games! Stupid Boise thinks they can announce that on radio and follow through? Pfft. Bunch a ninnys.
David: Are you alive? How’s the ankle looking again? Doesn’t need surgery, right?
See ya’ll real soon(:
— Sister Stockinger

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