May 6, 2013

Okay. I’m going to try to type fast. So if things don’t make sense, well… Sorry ’bout that!
Monday the 29th, we went to the mission home to help Sister Crawford make muffins. AKA: she wanted to see if we had killed each other yet. We were both alive and doing well after that 5 hour meeting with President. Although, I think some of the magic is wearing off and we may be slipping into old ways. I’m trying not to pull my hair out over it, but please pray I don’t go bald(: But Sister Crawford is amazing! She actually reminds me a lot about mom(: Except short. haha She taught us how to make salmon patties with salmon from a can! It completely grossed me out at first. But they were delicious!
Tuesday we met with Paula and Fenae, the mother daughter duo. We learned a lot of sad things about their family. It was really hard to see them going through it all, but that’s the beauty of the gospel! It can fix anything (: So we shared a quick message (we’d been there way too long) and set a return appointment. I absolutely love these women! I wish I could pack them up and carry them with me from area to area. They are so christlike! There are a lot of good people here… Good people stuck in their ways and don’t know what there missing, though(:
On tuesdays we volunteer at a place called HAAM. It’s a food services place. So we stock the shelves from donations and put kits together to hand out. I love it! They let us take food home with us cause once it expires they have to pay out of pocket for it (i dont really get that part cause most of it is donations…) so we get to take bread, tuna, canned chicken… soups. pretty much anything canned that we don’t want to buy on our own. It’s a huge blessing!
a less active family in our ward owns an AWESOME snocone shack. basically, “we get free glazeys on wednesday”… haha i’m funny. but no – we get free snocones whenever we want! haha it’s awesome. AND that less active family just came to church! so we are stoked about that.
On wednesday we study up on I LOVE IT! some of my favorite profiles from this week are:,, and People are so cool! They make me feel like a bum though. I’m all, “uhhh… okay. my life is not this awesome. i need to step it up when I get home!” but i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So i’m sure my life is pretty sweet to someone else(:
I also had my first door full-on slammed in my face! It was sweet. This cute girl was telling us what church they go to as we wrote our number on a resoration pamphlet, then WHAM! her dad just slammed it as hard as he could. It scared the heck out of me and you could hear the girl yelling, “dad, what the heck! uh, okay… rude!” it made me laugh.
we also had to drop a lot of our potential investigators. we had tried to visit with them all 3-5 times so finally… just had to let them go. time to move on and find more people who actually wanna know!
So, on that subject, mom had asked: we had to drop Mary last week. We had no way of contacting her. Since she was in a shelter for women, we couldn’t call her. and she wasn’t calling us… and we had planned to meet her twice and she blew us off on both. so… we kinda just lost her. not by our choice though :/
on thursday sister haller and i had an interesting experience. we went to visit a less active and it was not a good home… GOOD mother, BAD home. let’s make that clear. it smelled so nasty; nothing but weed in the air. for mom and others who may not know: WEED is MARAJUANA! if i even spelled that right. also known as pot. it’s disgusting and illegal! so we are sitting at the table and hello: a joint is there! a full on nasty joint of weed. and the member is wearing bracelets that have the F-word on them. so I’m all, uhhh… this is not a good place to teach. Yes – i’d like to teach her. can i come into her home? NO. the spirit will never be there as long as all that is going on!  sister haller thinks it’s okay to go. I put my foot down and said HECK NO.
we also met with one of our recent converts, Trey. He’s 16 and totally awesome. he’s black and on fire! he’s super funny. He hasn’t been to church in a bit cause he moved, so we tracked him down and he came this week. It’s cool cause he got to baptized, got the priesthood, then the next week baptized his sister and two cousins. So he’s great. I’m excited to work with him more! His sister Ivyion is awesome. She’s 11 and bore her testimony! Shocked me, cause she’s shy and hasn’t been to church in a month or so, but I like her. She’s adorable.
On Friday we had dinner with a family named the Koivistos. They’re so cute! Brother Koivisto is from Finland. They actually all lived in Finland for 3 years, so sister Koivisto speaks fluently as well. They talk to their kinds in Finnish all the time; they respond better. That kinda freaks me out for future babysitters and teachers. haha. They also mix finnish and english into the same sentence; whatever comes easier. so… that’s weird. but super cool!  She made us fish tacos… more on that later….
We also met this wonderful, super tall, black guy named Mookie. He was just walking down the street and we stopped him. he told us how he was training to be a priest, but no longer can cause he went to jail (blames it on his friends… he was in the car and his friend got in trouble, everyone got arrested). So now he’s looking for a church who can forgive him and let him be close to God! PERFECT, right?! Well when we got his name and number, i said, “Oh i like the way you spell that!” and he goes, “Oh uh *wink*, do you now? *wink* Sister Stockinger? Well thanks…” and it got SUPER AWKWARD. Then he asked me on a date! He looked at Sister haller and said, “Well you have my number,” then turns to me, “But YOU have my number! *wink* you call me anytime! anytime… you have my number *wink* call me anytime!”. I died laughing and told him I can’t date for 18 months, so he said, “That’s okay! That number will still work in 18 months! You call me anytime!” This was probably the highlight of my week. We’ll definitely be taking a member with us to any future lesson with him. We’ll see how productive it will be… hahaha!
Saturday… well: side note. I’ve finally gotten over my fear of drinking the essential oils. I drink the slim and sassy one every day cause I DO NOT want to get fat with all the nasty food here. I also take a vitamin now! and biotin! lots of morning pills! haha I feel like mom cause I even bought a pill box. it made me laugh. sister haller didn’t get it. but I think it’s hilarious. I also worked on memorizing the bazillion verses of the joseph smith experience president asked us to memorize. it’s coming easier than i thought it would. but i also pray for help with it before, during, and after. all the time. I need help memorizing! haha so… I’m getting better. almost there!
But on Saturday we got SO SICK! We’re pretty sure the fish tacos weren’t made right since sister koivisto said it was her first time cooking fish… and we were vomiting the whole day. and diharrea! SO NASTY. I won’t go into details on that… but it hit sister haller first and we had to drive to get her a blessing. we made it home, then it hit me! we thought i was fine! but we had to wait for elders to come give me a blessing. i was so out of it. I was shaking, super cold, vertigo like mad… I thought i was dying. but the elders came and gave me a blessing, and all i remember is laying there on the floor saying to myself, “thank you Heavenly Father…” over and over again. and my stomach felt sooo much better! I had zero energy the next day, and we were told not to fast cause we were so dehydrated. So I felt like walking death.
Sorry that’s all i have for now, but the library is filling up and I gotta go. I love you all and miss you so much! Thanks for all the letters and prayers; they mean a lot. I’m sorry if i don’t respond to everyone right away; poor grandma had to wait weeks! haha but I love ya’ll!
I’ll be calling home 6-7 IDAHO TIME. I have to ask president if i can call dad too… So say a prayer that he says yes! BUT MOM: KEEP YOUR PHONE BY YOU! I ONLY HAVE 30-40 MINUTES! got it?! okay. LOVE YA’LL!
the church is true. i love being a missionary. all is well for now.
— Sister Stockinger

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