June 10, 2013 letter from dad

Hello Sisters!

I hope you two do not mind that you both get the same email letter from me, but
time always seems to catch up and suddenly I am out of it. I need to do better,
I know.

I sure have been busy this past week! I decided to leave North Dakota a day
early, and was feeling a bit guilty about passing up the opportunity to earn
more money, so I told Terri’s paper route manager I would throw a down route if
she had one. She wanted me to start that day ( a week ago Sunday ) but I was
not prepared to do that. She said okay, and that she would let me know when.
She never did let me know, but I as I was preparing to walk out the door at
3:45 a.m. to throw Terri’s route Terri got a phone call ( waking her up )
asking if I was gonna throw this down route. So Terri had to get out of bed to
throw her route while I took on another. It turned out to be 191 papers that
day, and I did not finish until 8:40 a.m.! You are supposed to be done by 6!
Wheel, that route turned into a 7 day nightmare. I found out today that it was
two routes just combined into one. I spent hours and hours reworking the
delivery sequence and getting it typed up. I ended the week training the new
carrier hired to throw it, but had to throw half of Sundays route for him and
48 papers today. I have been getting up at 1:30 a.m. everyday to give myself
time to complete the route. I am still tired, and I am even falling asleep in
the recliner as I type this. It’s gonna be a long day…

I had a TON of work done to my RAV4 this past week, and
Terri and I just dropped off the van to get an oxygen sensor and spark plugs
replaced. Strangely, we seem to have the money to pay these bills! Benefits of
having a missionary in the field – a polite way of saying “Moe, you can’t
come home till Thomas goes out!”

I have been so busy I am losing track of what happened when, but Terri had
Pippa in for artificial insemination and she is now pregnant ( we hope ).
Puppies in 8 weeks? Let’s hope so!

I leave Wednesday for North Dakota. I plan on returning the end of July for the
family reunion, now being held in Glenn’s Ferry, Idaho. I am sure Terri is
covering it all in her letter, so I will let her cover the details of what and

Sister Fielding – awesome letter! I am SO glad your Hawaii vacation is going so
well. Very interesting fact about pineapples! I am sure Terri and I will pick
your brain on what to do and where to go when we are ready for our trip there.

Sister Stockinger – We held F.H.E. last night, and hooked up mom’s iPad to the
t.v. downstairs to watch those recommended profiles on Mormon.org. Very
interesting! Sunday church was all on missionary work and it had me thinking of
you a lot. Someone asked if you are dealing with tornadoes. I said I did not
think so. Hurricanes are your thing, right?

Well, I gotta run. I hope everything is going great for you two. Keeping you in my

Love ya,

Dad – Stephen John


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