June 10, 2013 letter from mom

Good morning Sister Stockinger!
It’s a beautiful day in Boise Idaho! I love it. So grateful that summer is here. I’m moving slow this morning trying to get my act together. Feel like my mind is going in circles….
The past few days have been very productive on getting yard work done. The boys and dad have gotten all the weeds and grass out of the flower beds, instead of paying out for concrete flower bed edging right now, we’ve made use of all those stone blocks we have and had the boys bury them into the ground level with the lawn and it all looks real nice. Sister Luke had put out an email if anyone wanted some of her daisy plants that she has too many of so I went and got some…the plants are still going through shock and I hope they take. I’ve also got a smaller garden planted – only six rows instead of eleven. I’ve planted tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, zucchini squash and crookneck squash, and onions. Dad thinks I won’t be doing any canning this fall cuz that’s when all these puppies will be born and I will also be back at my school job, so I am going to be swamped again! So we will see…maybe just a tiny bit of canning. Dad also got all the grass out of the spot up at the mailbox, we dumped more dirt in there, and I’ve bought a couple new plants to put back in there. I’ve also planted flowers in pots by the front door.
Yes, John finally got the letter you sent to him via home. I gave it to him with a bunch of other mail/stuff Memorial weekend when he was home, so don’t know what he’s done with it since then. I got me some slim and sassy from Sister Allen and for you too so will work on getting that to you. I’ve gotten off track with my healthy eating the past month, but am restarting today. Drank warm lemon juice water this morning….gonna get back to that every morning. So many benefits on helping to flush out toxins from your bile and liver and other benefits. Had one of my healthy breakfast smoothies this morning too. Although I may have to give in to Razzleberry pie from Marie Calendars….got that for yesterday when everyone was here to celebrate an early Father’s Day and my birthday. BTW, got your card and looking forward to opening that on my birthday. Thanks!
Pippa seems to be her happy self, although dad noticed today one end of her stitches looks red and a little puffy so I’m freaking out. My breeder guy, Jason, has told me to start now fattening her up so she’ll be ready to feed puppies. He’s told me to feed her a layer of dry dog food, a layer of canned dog food, and a layer of cottage cheese. Some don’t like the cottage cheese, but have to eat through it to get to the wet dog food. Pippa loves it all. Maggie smells that she is missing out on something….  I get a little nervous about having her put on all the pounds cuz I just spent the last year getting her weight down to where it should be.  But, who am I to argue cuz Jason ended up being dead on right about her progesterone levels and wouldn’t listen to him so I’m gonna listen to him more. And he wants me to get a dog multivitamin ordered for Pippa too, so gotta do that today.
I enjoyed the pics of your scrapbooked planner. That’s cool. Don’t expect anything fancy with the binder I’m doing for you. All I’m doing is putting all letters into sheet protectors…although that is another project I need to spend a day catching up on….along with your blog….. That was so nice of Carolyn to send you a package. Did I tell you I ran into her at Winco late one night? She recognized me of all things…which I wasn’t too thrilled over because I was EXTEMELY TIRED that night and looked awful. Sigh. Oh well. She is such a sweetie.
Can’t remember…do you get grandma’s emails? She has really enjoyed this week with Eric and Jason and their wives. Sounds like they’ve seen a lot in a short amount of time.
For FHE last night we accepted your challenge and watched a couple of the people on mormon.org you told us about. I had bought a cord so I could hook up my IPad to the TV and watch this stuff that way. Pretty nifty. People are inspiring…. Such an awesome inspired tool the church has come up with. Need to get brave and put myself on there. BTW, the elders here spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday. The newer elder (been out seven months) admitted he was way nervous and a specific topic wasn’t given them so that threw him off cuz he’s always been told what to talk about…. His talk was hard for me to follow…not the most eloquent, but truly sincere. His companion got up with no notes, loved the fact they were free to talk about whatever, did a fantastic job of sharing family stories from his past family history of those who’ve served in wars throughout the ages up til now and tied it all in with the current battles with Satan in this day and age that we all deal with and tied it to missionary work and scriptures. He also mentioned that he is autistic but has learned how to deal with a lot of it…never would have guessed…obviously high functioning. He stood up for his companion though on the fact that his comp may be rusty around the edges still with speaking, but can stand his ground with anyone on defending truth. All in all it was a good meeting. And I can see the elders really trying…feel they could probably do better on trying to get more from the members like I have seen past elders do in our home…maybe scared to ask… Course, I remember having good intentions but never following through with past elders on what they challenged us to do. In fact, wish I still had some of the stuff they left in our home…was really good…like how to create a family mission statement type of thing….
Your story of running into the Spanish elders was hilarious!  And the warm peaches story!! Ha haha! I can just see you enduring that. Don’t you like peach cobbler? I do have to admit..ice cream with fresh peaches does sound wonderful.  And tell me more about the deep discussion your district leader taught you all about prayer. That is way cool the Elder Gamez gets to serve a mission. Maybe he slightly has cerebral palsy? Which leads me to …
Dad has been subbing a paper route while home and an 18 yr old kid just took it over; he has cerebral palsy, attends Capital High School, and hasn’t been able to get any response for a summer job, so he has taken on this paper route right in his neighborhood. Good for him. Apparently this large route all behind Winco and clear over to Cole Rd has recently been combined from two smaller routes, thus, that explains why the route listing was a mess and your dad, being such the wonderful guy that he is, has reworked it all and got it flowing much more smoothly. I was just telling dad yesterday that he puts too much time into the routes he sometimes subs and no financial reward for doing so, but your dad told me that’s just how he is…he likes to leave the listings better than he finds it. This kid was even running way behind today (did the route all on his own this morning) and your dad went and helped him finish when he was done throwing mine. Now that it is this teenager that has taken over this route just to have a job and struggles physically, I am touched and humbled your dad was able to help him out in a small way not knowing it would be someone who struggles in this way. Hope he can survive the route.
Yes, I don’t think I’ve touched Jesus the Christ since I was on my mission and I’m pretty sure Richard has tackled reading it. All your experiences are inspiring me to do better. I’ve let so much slip with regards to keeping up with scripture reading, FHE, just reading books in general. It’s so hard with me working now and just keeping up with it all. Tell me again where you are in your scripture reading. I want to read along with you. That will help me, hopefully. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your thoughts about when we don’t do what we’re supposed to be doing it lets Satan have power over us. I have heard that somewhere else too recently……..  I think it is a very cool concept that when we do what is right we have power over Satan.  And I love how you add, “not on my watch!”  OH, by the way, Levi Larsen has his mission call and is going to Mexico Saltillo Mission leaving October 2nd! Wow. And Anna’s mission farewell is this coming weekend and I don’t think I will be attending like I so wanted to. 
Well, I better bring this to a close and get it off to you in time. Love you bunches! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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