June 10, 2013 letter to mom and dad

Dear Dad and Mom,

I have some requests…

1. Dad, try to slow down and relax when you get home. you’re going to run yourself into the ground! my graciousness. But way to be helping that boy out with his route.

2. I’m trying to save some of my mission debit card money stuff (the $150) for a GPS. There’s a specific one I want and was wondering if you could order it for me. My companion has it and it works great! She thinks it was about $80 on walmart.com. But I’m also wondering if y’all would maybe pay half… If not, that’s okay. I’ll keep saving. Just let me know when you order it and how much it costs and I will be sending money home. The GPS model is the Garmin Nuvi 30. Please have it shipped to the MISSION OFFICE cause A) it’s expensive and don’t want it to get stolen from my apt complex, B) if it comes close to transfers I don’t want it left at my apt. complex; it will get delivered to me from my zone leaders no matter where I go.

I’m sorry I don’t have a whole of time left to respond! Dad – I’ve been praying for blessings to come to the family for the work I’m doing. I’m so glad that you’re able to see where the blessing surely to come and that the Rav4 is now fixed. whew! keep it nice for me 🙂 haha jk.

Mom – don’t even care that Myles is getting married. hahaha i just wish He was marrying someone better… but I guess he knows what he’s doing! i will pray for him (: hahaha and thank you for getting me some slim and sassy! Will you also let me know what you put in your warm lemon water? (how much juice, is there honey or other stuff…). I had this revelation that my shoulders might break out because of my lactose intolerance. So i’m cutting ALL dairy… They have this awesome ice cream here, Blue Bell ice cream (the factory is right next to our apartments) and it is to die for. but I’m saying to it! and cheese. i’ve already been drinking almond milk… but my shoulders have been nasty :/ so hopefully they’ll clear up.

I’m glad that y’all have been watching the Mormon.org profiles! I forgot to add one to my big letter. Look up www.mormon.org/lorin… he’s a blind guy. It’s amazing!

I hope you both know that I love you. I think about you both all the time and pray for you often. I know y’all are praying for me and I appreciate it more than you know. Things are good with my companion most of the time, but my own head gets in the way. Sister Hunts trainer made the decision to go home. She couldn’t handle the stress… I don’t want to be like her at all, even though giving up crosses my mind. I really struggle with positive thoughts and not having exercise as my outlet. I’ve really learned a lot about relying on the Savior and the atonement. When i do my BofM reading, i read out of one of the little blue copies. I only mark things on the atonement in this one… I’m making my own library – bednar counciled us to do it once. So by the time I come home from my mission i should have multiple copies of the BofM, all marked with different topics. I’m almost done with this one, and I started it on 4/22/13. I don’t think i’ve ever read so quickly and learned so much! I love it. I can’t wait to start it again – I’ll probably research faith.

But I’m sorry I had to combine your letters this week. But I wanted y’all to know i’m doing good and that I’m working on utilizing the Lord’s refining fire. I’m trying to allow my mission to change me. Change is hard, but it’s important and possible. I’ve been reading some incredible talks that President gave to me. I’ve marked them up, but I’ll still make copies and send them home… You’ll just have to promise not to judge me since my personal thoughts will be marked on the pages (: hahaha but I trust you both.

I want you to know that I am so thankful for the examples you’ve each given me. I’m thankful that you’ve each remained strong in the gospel my whole life. I can’t imagine i’d have ever reached the decision to serve if it hadn’t been for y’all. Even though I miss y’all so much, I know that coming home is not an option. Your disappointment would destroy me! So please know that I respect you that much (: Thank you for working hard to support me and provide the means for me to be out here. I’m trying to not let it all go to waste.

I love you both! Can you belive i’ve been out here for 2 months already? See you soon (:

— Sister Stockinger



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