June 10, 2013

So this week has been interesting! Oh man…

I’m going to be jumping around the week cause I want to tell y’all what happened on Thursday. It was horrifying! We have had an ant problem. It’s slowly been getting worse and worse. On Thursday we had an exterminator come and spray our base boards and dump stuff all around our windows outside. I was feeling pretty good about this! He said to wait 30min before pushing all our beds and tables back against the walls… So after about 45min, I went to our room to push my bed back and THERE WERE HUNDREDS OF ANTS ON MY BED! Just mine! Nowhere else in the room, except on my bed. I had a freak out. I screamed, almost cried… completely in despair. We called Elder Ivory, the guy in charge of all our apartments. He came over and lysoled the heck out of my bed, then bundled up all the ants in my sheets and told me to go wash them 😦 it was disgusting. But that was probably the most eventful part of my week.

We had exchanges this week. A sister came to my area and my companion left, so I was the “senior companion”. turns out I know more than I thought I did! So that was good. I also learned that I need a GPS… So that’s fun (: hahaha. all of our appointments fell through so I ended up tracting about 7 hours in the 24hrs this girl was with me. I felt kinda bad cause she hates tracting more than anything… I had a good time though. One house we went to, this old lady opened the door and said, “Aunt Norma is in the mental hospital. So she’s not going to be back for a couple weeks.” then began to close the door. Me, being ever so christlike, said, “Oh we are so sorry to hear that! We’re missionaries and would love to share an uplifiting message with you” she stopped, stared at us and said, “Who are you?”, “Mormon missionaries!”, “Oh. I’m Jehovah’s Witness” SLAM. It sort of made my day, just cause she assumed we were from her church… It was lovely.

There’s been a lot of crime happening in neighborhoods lately, so people aren’t opening their doors much. Some guys have been knocking on doors where cars aren’t in the driveway, then if no one is home, they break in, open the garage, back a truck in and close it, empty the house, then open it and pull away as if they were the ones who lived there. SO we were in the neighborhood were this was happening, unknown to us, and we knocked on a door. No one answered so we started walking away. We then heard a lady yelling at her kid, so we turned back and peered around the car. The kid obviously opened the door, so we just started talking and walking back! haha Heavenly Father was very aware of us and knew that I was sweating bullets, so He softned this lady’s heart and she invited us in. We have an appointment to go back, so hopefully it works out! Her name is Hilda. Super cool, eh?

I’ve been really working on myself and studying a TON on how to improve my missionary work. I think about this scripture all the time; D&C 130:20-21. It’s about controling the controllable; which is myself and my obedience to the Gospel. When I get frustrated with people and them not keeping commitments, I just think, “control the controllable” and remember that they have their agency and I have mine. It’s a beautiful gift that our loving Heavenly Father has graced us with. I hate it at times, but am SO thankful that it’s available to us. I can’t imagine being a slave to addictions. Having complete control of myself is so important to me! I’ve been working on making my thoughts more positive. It’s sooo hard. Actions are easy to fix since people are always watching us, but fixing the internal thoughts and desires of your heart are so hard. I know that this is the way Satan is trying to take me down, so I’m working on improving that! I try not to think about Boise too often (: I miss everyone so much! I’ve come to realize that literally everything I have in life is from our Father in Heaven. Food, clothes, housing… It’s only my heart and my will that He cannot take; I have to give that to him. I have to be willing to turn everything over and trust in his will. So that’s what I’m striving for; to give my heart and my mind 100% to Him.

I’m in Helaman 12. How’s y’alls scripture reading coming? Keeping up? The Book of Mormon is AWESOME! Oh my goodness. I’ve never loved the war chapters in the end of Alma so much! It’s so intense. And now we’re coming up to Samuel the Lamanite. THE BEST! Oh my gosh. I can’t even describe how much of a desire and love I have for The Book of Mormon now! I can promise y’all that it is inspired words from our Heavenly Father. There are so many things to learn about ourselves and our circumstances and all you have to do is read. I hope y’all are reading daily! It’s so worth it. Just 5 minutes for a smoother flowing day. That’s nothing!

But I have to get going; I want to try and send pictures. I love y’all and miss y’all so much! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Don’t take the knowledge you have for granted. I’ve met a lot of inactive people and they live such sad lives. They are so dumb. They know what to do to improve the quality of their lives and they just don’t want to put forth the 5-30min a day! The Lord doesn’t ask for very much. So buckle down and show Him how much you appreciate the atoning sacrifice our Savior made for us!

Go and be good! I miss y’all so much!

— Sister Stockinger


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