June 2, 2013 letter from mom

Good morning Sister Stockinger!
You sound good! Amazing you are happy with transfers. Glad to hear it. And yep, the ups and downs with investigators. So hoping all continues to work out with Valerie; she sounds golden. Haven’t had chance to get on mormon.org yet.
I have been texting Aunt Brenda for four hours this morning trying to work out reunion dates. Originally Ken and Kris and Keith were going to plan together, but now Keith is just been put in charge, is overwhelmed, and asking me for help. Sounds like so many people can’t come this year and schedules are so packed, it is ridiculous. So fun, fun, fun! Joys of a large extended family! We are trying to now change it to third weekend in July and all camp at Three Island Crossing, save some $, and it has all the amenities we need. So here’s hoping.
Meg and Nic just popped in. Been to the doctor with Keirsten…has a major sore bum. Got some specially made bum cream from pharmacy. Keirsten all happy and dressed adorable in the silver dress you got her. They’ll be back over after church today.
I’m also up to my eyeballs with Pippa and working with this breeder in Georgia. He’s high stress. LONG story. Me and my indecision hasn’t helped things either. Pippa skyrocketed her numbers yesterday and now I’m barely gonna get a vial here if I’m lucky. Major stress going on with that. Will be at new vet’s office tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. to beg for a surgical AI for Tuesday. PRAY they will work with me!!!
Boys are done with school!!! You have no idea how happy we all are about that! The LAX games I told you about last letter were Thomas’ championship games, which JV won! They weren’t college games.  David already started landscaping work yesterday. Thomas passed his written driving test this past Friday, but we have to get his license on Monday cuz he turns 18 tomorrow and we’d have to redo the license again, and he wanted to pay the money then pay again on Monday just so he could be driving over the weekend, but the lady at the window just looked at him and said, “You’ve waited this long to get your license, you can wait three more days.” I thought that was funny.
Hey sweetie, it’s now Monday morning and I guess this letter will be a little shorter. Getting ready to take Tom to DMV to get his license…just waiting on him…..  :/ Today is his birthday – the big 18 yrs!! Can you believe it?! He and a couple of friends and David are going to come rock climb while Tom is at work this afternoon, then come home for pizza, and then go to Jump Time, come back for cake. Guess I’m making a red velvet cake….he came up with that cuz some red velvet cake was served at Shane Alder’s eagle court of honor.
At the court of honor, Brother Don Johnson started talking with dad about our cut down tree and told us Br. Tanner had a new saw and would probably LOVE to finish cutting down the trunk and promptly went over to Br. Tanner after the program was over. Sure enough, Br. Tanner and Harrison were over that night, cut the trunk into pieces, and got most of it hauled away. Plus, he wants to go ahead and use all the branches on the side of the house, so eventually all that will be gone too.
Well, a couple hours later we left the DMV with no license in hand for Thomas. The computers are down state wide. We waited for quite a long while, they were able to start helping some people, only to get told the info wasn’t going through and everything stopped. So we finally up and left. Frustration. Of all the luck.
Well, not much else to add today. My mind is too frazzled to share any Sunday lesson news. Don’t forget to share your letters to us to grandma! Eric, Shannon, Jason, Janelle and Logan are all in Hawaii and she gets to see them today and trip around with them. She is SO excited.
Lots of love,

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