June 3, 2013 letter from dad

Dear Sister Stockinger and Sister Fielding,

Howdy and Aloha from Boise, Idaho! After walking around in the rain, and ankle deep mud, for a week I got fed up and left for Boise last Friday afternoon. I had already been up since 6 a.m., but enough was enough and I hit the road. I just made it past Arco when the need to sleep was overwhelming, so I pulled over in a closed weigh station and slept for about 1 and a half hours. I then finished the drive to Boise, and got here around 8 a.m. Saturday. I’m still tired! I stayed up most of Saturday, but napped a short bit in the afternoon/early evening. Terri and I went over early Saturday to see Nic and his family. Keirsten is not a morning person! But she let me hold her, so all was good. Their new Honda CR-V sure looks nice and new. 

I put my RAV4 in the shop for work Saturday morning. It is still there and gonna cost me. Oh well, gotta have a safe car to drive. It has needed shocks and struts for several months now. Since December?

The house sure looks different with the tree cut down! My wonderful son-in-law made it a project last weekend and got my boys involved with helping. It just wouldn’t be a visit home without some sort of project needing doing! Brother Tanner and his son Harrison came over Saturday night after Shane Alder’s Eagle Court of Honor (and gee whiz he has grown tall) and took out the trunk and hauled most of it away. I am giving him the tree for firewood. It is the only way they heat their house… I will be hiring someone to take out the stump later.

Thomas went last Friday to get his drivers license, but got put on hold by the lady at the DMV until today. Seems he would have had to come back in today and pay $15 to change it from a minors drivers license to an adults. As luck has it, he went in this morning to get his license and the computers for the DMV are down statewide. He and Terri are sitting there for a bit to see if they come back up.

Pippa is giving mom fits with being in heat and all. She goes into surgery tomorrow to get inseminated. We have to do surgery due to her progesterone levels jumping and spiking out of control. But we do love her…

Well, my work has changed. I do not remember what I have told you, so here it is (again?)… I now work for NRT. I sleep in my truck 4-6 nights in a row, then back to my motel room for a shower and hot meal. I am working a LOT more, but at a reduced wage. I do make more money overall, but make less per hour. Oh well, happy to be employed!

I am subbing a large paper route while home, so Terri does not get to sleep in like she usually does when I throw her route. At least school is out and she can go back to bed if she wants. The route I took ones 192 papers daily… I finished at 8:40 this morning. I am supposed to be done by 6, but they did not tell me about the route till 3:45 this morning. I will do better tomorrow by starting at 2 a.m. A lot of the route is Megan’s old route when she was in middle school.

Well, that is about it for me. I am going to send some photos if I can. I know you can’t print them Sister Stockinger, but at least you get to see and enjoy them.

I am proud of both of you for serving our Lord. Be strong and look for positive in your companions!

Love ya,

Stephen (dad)


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