May 13, 2013

Hey Ya’ll,
Sorry this is going to be short since I got to talk to most of ya’ll yesterday. BEST DAY EVER! Thank goodness for technology. If only I could be like Grandma and facetime all the time… shoooot. I guess I’ll have to serve another mission someday.
This week has been great. Last pday we went to a church building and watched the elder’s play ball (so boring) so that’s when I hand wrote letters. We had dinner with a member family who we have decided is severely racist. That’s super weird to be around. But it’s alive in our country and I just wanna smack the people who still feel that way! But guess what – I am a representative of Jesus Christ so smacking shall not be had. We also had FHE with a member family who’s dad isn’t active. However, turns out: the mom has NO CLUE what joseph smith did! We were stunned. What the heck? She teaches a primary class and had no idea joseph smith saw both God and Jesus Christ. Kinda weird… So we are reteaching the lessons to her. Oh – She’s been a member since 1999!
This week on tuesday and wednesday we had meetings; zone conference and new missionary training. I don’t think I’ve learned so much in two days, besides the MTC. nothing will ever top the MTC… but for the mission field: HOLY COW. We talked a lot about how to be swift messengers. It was sooo good! I also learned how to be better at door contacting and practiced memorizing the bazillion scriptures I have to have memorized from the Joseph Smith experience. So that’s exciting!
We met with a less active sister in our ward; Jennifer. Oh my goodness. I loved her the instant I saw her. She is AWESOME! She’s had her fair share of trials, just found out she’s pregnant and the man walked out of her life after she found out, she had a KIDNEY STONE (which is why she found out she’s pregnant. they did an ultra sound) so she couldn’t have any of the meds they’d use to dull the pain of that cause of the baby. sooo she was in a lot of pain but called the elders and they gave her a blessing. shortly after that the stone passed and she’s been way better! I guess with kidney stones they don’t know how long it will take for the stone to come out. You just have to be in crazy intense pain for weeks. So she was blessed and the stone passed after one week. if that’s not a testimony builder on the power of the priesthood, I don’t know what is… Actually – i do. That blessing i got when i had my food poisoning was definitely heaven sent. so HELLO: this is Christ’s church with God’s authority here on the earth! IT’S AWESOME! we’re so dang blessed.
On thursday we met with a less active woman… I dont remember her first name, but her last name is Bunyard; Sister Bunyard. So sister bunyard has 4 dogs that do whatever the heck they want to the house, if ya know what I mean… and she just lets it sit and stink up the place. The house needs to be burned to the ground. it’s nasty. BUT: as missionaries we enter these homes and we delightfully sit down and chat! They have a bulldog. Rather, a real bulldog. SHE WAS HUGE! so fat. so nasty. so stinky. Oh my heck. It wouldn’t leave me alone. It really made me miss little Pipparoni! Aww…. little pippa… is she still fighting maggie? banish pippa from her! so rude. but anyways…. I also had what i consider my “first southern meal”. it was huge sausage links, boo-dan? boudan? bodan? i dont know… someone google it, and corn on the cob. Oh my gosh. I hate eating full sausage links. SO GROSS! No cracker, so bun… just meat. It was nasty. well – the flavor was good, but the whole texture thing was icky.
Friday I had my first exchange. I’m going on another tonight… that was so great to get a break and see how another sister works. I loved it. I laughed the whole day! I felt so stress-free and happy. One of the best days i’ve had. Since then, sister haller and I have gotten along much better. I dont really know what has changed, but we are getting along… so that’s nice.
Saturday, miss Paula, the mother of our mother daughter duo, gave sister haller a blessing! it was awkward, hilarious, so weird… just bizarre. but sister haller was talking about her allergies, and before you know it paula is walking over to feel her lymphnodes. or so we thought… she put her hand on the back of her neck, bowed her head and started saying, “Oh Lord Jesus, we recognize this sickness is of the devil. bless her Lord Jesus that he may be cast from her body, that she can spread your word and bless the lives of our brothers and sisters. Lord Jesus, we love you” and that was it. or at least the jist of it. but sister haller and i just stared at each other and left! it was so weird. hahahaha! a huge black lady just blessing my companion… i will never tell paula i’m sick. I also got the package on saturday. THANK YOU SO MUCH MAMA! I liked it a lot. and I’ve told you this already so we will move on.
Sunday in church we all got these delicous little chocolate truffle mint bars for mothers day. they were about 400 calories a bar… so not worth it. but dang – it was pretty good. just not worth it. so hurray for being a woman! let’s celebrate that every sunday, eh?
so that was my week in a nut shell. I love ya’ll so much. Hope to hear from ya’ll soon… If ya’ll wrote me by hand I should be getting it from my zone leader today. it’s zone pday so we get to go play a riviting match of soccer. yehaw!
The church is true! The atonement works. The gospel of jesus christ has the power to bless and uplift every area of our lives. Don’t ever forget it!
Love ya’ll so much and see ya’ll soon,
Sister Stockinger

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