May 15, 2013 monthly letter from Pres to families

May 15, 2013



Dear Parents and Loved Ones,

As reported a few months ago, the Texas Houston East Mission is undergoing many changes as a result of the announcement lowering the mission ages for young men and women.  Where we thought we would see an increase of 42 missionaries to our “complement” (the authorized number of missionaries in a mission) by July 8, 2013, our approved complement will have increased by 70 missionaries.  Sister Crawford and I are thrilled with the additional missionaries both in number and also in the caliber and quality of elders and sisters who are coming to the mission.  We feel so blessed by the goodness and faithfulness of both the experienced and the new missionaries.  However, as you can imagine with that kind of an increase, we are working as hard as we can to secure new apartments, vehicles and supplies for the increased number of missionaries.  The office staff has been stretched tight during this time.  The staff is doing the best they can to accommodate all the needs, but unfortunately we might not have everything in place when it is needed.  If by chance your missionary communicates that they don’t have all the furniture or supplies that are typical or needed, I would ask that you simply remind them that whatever they don’t have is still better than what many people or families have and to simply be patient and go to work.  I don’t think that is a conversation that will take place too often but if it does then please keep your missionary focused on the work at hand.  Where we have gaps in supplies or furnishings we are backfilling as fast as we can. 

We are thankful to be with this outstanding group of young missionaries.  We are proud of them and we love them.  I would ask you again to join us in mighty prayer on Thursday evenings at 5:50 p.m. Central for our “Hour of Power.”  We believe the united prayer of faith with missionaries, ward and branch members and family members can produce and are producing miracles where the elders and sisters are being led to those who are ready and prepared to hear the gospel.

Thank you for your sacrifice to bless the good people in this part of the vineyard.  We thank you for raising such good and faithful sons and daughters.  Our best to you.


President and Sister Crawford


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