May 19, 2013 letter from mom

Hi hon,

Wow, I just spent an hour copying off your letters for the past two weeks and making sure I had that all straight for your binder. I still need to input those last few to your blog, but better write you now before church or it will be hard to get done later…dinner…home teachers coming…etc.  Let’s see…where to start….

So, question again…. Does your  mission have you missionaries writing a letter to your prez each week? We had to on my mission…helped him get a feel as to how we were doing. How are the garment fabrics you chose working out for the climate there? Your meetings you had last week sounded real interesting. Tell me more about what you were taught on how to be swift messengers…what exactly does that mean? And door contacting…what was taught on how to do it better? How’s it going on reteaching the lady about Joseph Smith? And how is Jennifer doing? When is her baby due? So, you’re MTC companion…what town is she serving in and how is it going with her companion and how’s she adjusting? The sausages you ate sound disgusting, I have to agree. And how often are you going on exchanges now? And Pippa is doing a bit better towards Maggie; mainly cuz if I see she’s about to bug Maggie real bad and get overexcited, I now give her a squirt in the face with a water bottle. That’s my constructive discipline approach for her.  🙂 And for Mother’s Day at church we all got the large size candy Symphony or Butterfinger or Hershey, but they were wrapped in cute wrappers (mine was lime green vertical stripes) that were purchased to slip over the candy bar. And there was a large quote on each bar that said, ‘It’s so sweet to be a mom!’ “You are the guardians of the hearth, you are the bearers of the children. You are they who nurture them and establish within them the habits of their lives. No other work reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing of the sons and daughters of God.”  —Gordon B. Hinckley. Nice. Megan seems to always get music CDs from the wards she’s been in…me, never a CD. I’m okay though. 🙂 And also, don’t forget to tell the airplane story again so I can have it written down. BTW, you should be able to pass that guys name to your mission office and they should be able to make sure his info gets passed to the mission in his country.

I would also REALLY like input on how to use Preach My Gospel with the boys for FHE…or is it better only as a personal study program? I have felt prompted to be using it in the family for the past couple years and there have been mtgs and talks about it in church, but I still haven’t been able to wrap myself around it on how to best use it. I really feel I need to be helping Tom and David be better prepared for a mission. I would also appreciate it immensely if you would photo copy the 100 scriptures list that was sent to you that I could use with the boys. I’d meant to do that before you left and I forgot. I feel very very frustrated with our FHE as of late. Mondays never work because Thomas gets home from lacrosse so late and then has homework. Same with family scriptures…too many interruptions going on and lots of tiredness in the family. Very frustrating to me.

You also mentioned in one of your letters about how much inactivity there is in the ward you’re in. You might be surprised to know how common that is in alot of wards. I bet we have 40% inactivity here. Any suggestions how I can help with inactives here? I don’t visit teach any less actives either. We are having the Elders over for dinner again this Friday. Lots more missionaries are flooding this area too and our elders only cover two wards now so we now feed them every other month. Any suggestions what I should fix them???

Well, yesterdays newpaper has an artist’s rendering of the temple to be built in Meridian. It has a way different look! Absent are the traditional towers and steeples. Instead, the temple will have a gold dome with Angel Moroni on top of it. The church has submitted the plans to Ada County Development Services and a public hearing will be held July 11th at the courthouse. Can’t believe it’s been since 2011 since Pres. Monson announced that temple. David Briethaupt sent an email with a photo so I will see if I can attach it so you can see it. Oh, guess it is a link…church site… here it is.

Hey, gotta go race to get ready for church. More later…

 now 8:00 pm


New home teachers were here for 1 1/2 hrs…course, that was my fault doing all the talking. They are the Wilkins…he’s originally from Maine, has remarried a lady from our ward, is now the gospel doctrine teacher. He does a great job of that. He and his wife will be awesome and what I think we will need.

Tom got a concussion from lacrosse a week ago Monday. Monday during practice he got wacked hard to the ground and then accidentally kicked in the head too. Then on Tuesday during his last game at Hobble Creek park some guy from the other team whammed him on his side and sent him out on his back. Tom was up and looking and scrambling to scoop up the ball and about 30 seconds later some burly kid whammed into Tom’s chest and his stick went up under his chin and Tom was laid flat again on his back. That one sent him off the field and I watched him hanging over with his hands on his knees then having to sit down for awhile. Later, the stinker went back out into the game. Tom came home, ate dinner, showered, and fell asleep. All day Wednesday at school he had a headache. I ended up getting ahold of the STARS guy where we’d gone and had a preseason baseline concussion testing done. When Tom got out of school we conferenced call with this guy (the guy wasn’t working that day), and he determined Tom for sure had a concussion. Told him no music, screens, texting, homework, when outside wear sunglasses and a hat all for the first day or two. He could then add stuff in but the minute he got a headache he was to stop what he was doing. Course, keeping Tom to totally obey has been next to impossible. I let him miss school on Friday. He slept til 11 am and did a little homework. So now he has one week of school left, and then the last week of May are EOCs. He went to sacrament mtg today and I let him miss the rest of church because he has so much math homework to make up from when they went to Oregon weeks ago. (sigh) I’m really concerned about him passing his junior year.  I’ve told him he won’t be playing lacrosse next year because all of this year he has kept telling dad and I not to worry, he had it under control, etc.  He never worries…I do it all for him.  :/   Next year he will have his senior project to deal with all during when lacrosse season is going on. This sport has been way time consuming with practices going later and games on Saturdays.  I don’t want to make him miss, but he has got to pass school first. He has continued to have headaches, but less each day. He’s had one today he said.

Tom went to Morp yesterday with a cute girl named Taylor Davis. For the day activity the group of girls all went to watch the LAX semi finals…Tom just watched. They all then went to Subway for lunch. He got picked up about 7 pm for pics and then hamburgers and hotdogs at a girl’s house, the dance (Disney theme), and a movie after the dance. Said he had a good time.

Sacrament meeting talks were by one of the new stake pres counselors and the stake YW pres. I really enjoyed her talk about being positve and of good cheer. She wasn’t real excited about the topic due to a childhood experience/discussion with her mom (no time to give all details now), so instead she hoped to share some doctrine so that when life is hard we can still be positive and have peace which leads to good cheer. I got her notes so I could share with you, but it is almost 9 pm and I’m gonna have to share in the next letter.

Have a TERRIfic week! My advice this week…. I always worked on memorizing scriptures and poems/thoughts while tracting. I found it beneficial when we suddenly had to share a message with a member, or speak in church on short notice, etc. To this day I still have one poem in my head from my tracting days that goes like this: “Aren’t you glad that God made smiles to wrinkle up and grin? Aren’t you glad He set wee dimples a twinklin from within? Did you ever stop to think how dreary this life would be, if there were not a single smile in all the world to see? A warm and friendly smile is a gift that’s sweet and true, Don’t forget to wear your smile, you’ll bless others when you do.”  (author unknown) So there’s one for your 1st Aid journal! Looking forward to seeing a photo of your scrapbooked planner sheets.


Lots of love,



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