May 20, 2013 letter from dad

Hi Maurinda!

I am VERY curious as to which type of Boudin Sausage you ate?  So here is a list of types from Wikipedia… bon appetit!

Boudin ball: A Cajun variation on boudin blanc. Instead of the filling’s being stuffed into pork casings, it is rolled into a ball, battered, and deep fried.[2]

  • Boudin blanc: A white sausage made of pork without the blood. Pork liver and heart meat are typically included. In Cajun versions, the sausage is made from a pork rice dressing (much like dirty rice), which is stuffed into pork casings. Rice is always used in Cajun cuisine, whereas theFrench/Belgian version typically uses milk, and is therefore generally more delicate than the Cajun variety. In French/Belgian cuisine, the sausage is sauteed or grilled. The Louisiana version is normally simmered or braised, although coating with oil and slow grilling for tailgating is becoming a popular option in LafayetteNew OrleansHouston and Baton Rouge.
  • Boudin blanc de Rethel (pronounced: [bu.dɛ̃ blɑ̃ də ʁə.tɛl]: a traditional French boudin, which may only contain pork meat, fresh whole eggs and milk, and cannot contain any bread crumbs or flours/starches. It is protected under EU law with a PGI status.[3][4]
  • Boudin noir: A dark-hued blood sausage, containing pork, pig blood, and other ingredients. Variants of the boudin noir occur in French, Belgian, Cajun and Catalan cuisine. The Catalan version of the boudin noir is called botifarra negra. In the French Caribbean, it is known as boudin Créole.
  • Boudin rouge: In Louisiana cuisine, a sausage similar to boudin blanc, but with pork blood added to it. This originated from the French boudin noir.
  • Brown Rice Boudin: Brown-rice boudin is a flavor you won’t find in many places. The taste is very similar to traditional pork boudin, except this boudin is made with a brown-rice substitute for those looking to cut down on white rice intake.[5]
  • Crawfish boudin: Popular in Cajun cuisine, crawfish boudin is made with the meat of crawfish tails added to rice. It is often served with cracklins(fried pig skins) and saltine crackers, hot sauce, and ice cold beer.
  • Gator boudin: Made from alligator, gator boudin can be found sporadically in Louisiana and the Mississippi gulf coast.
  • Shrimp Boudin: Similar to crawfish boudin, shrimp boudin is made by adding the shrimp to rice. It is great for appetizers or party food served in thin slices.[5]

Basically, Boudin Sausage is also known as Blood Sausage.  On the positive side, it’s not broccoli!! That would have been worse!!

Well. my week has been active!  I spent Monday moving the nearly last of my stuff from the apartment I was in to the motel room I now call “home”.  I just cannot believe how much stuff I have here in North Dakota. My car will be STUFFED when I head home in a 11 days.  I went out to work on Tuesday morning and returned yesterday afternoon. I have been very busy, getting little sleep, and yesterday – very wet. It has been raining a lot here, though nothing like what you see in Texas. However, the roads I primarily travel are dirt and rock, so lots of mud in my life. I have had to put tire chains on my truck both Saturday and Sunday just to access the sites I go into for the water I haul. Today I am in my motel room, needing to do laundry and get my truck in for some more repairs. A good day to be home, as we are under a flood warning and can expect wind gusts up to 58 MPH! My truck has broken down a couple times the past week, but the fixes have been easy and quickly done by the mechanics. Getting them done quickly is rare. I was so tired yesterday I had to stop in the middle of a delivery and sleep on the side of the road for an hour and a half. I decided to cook a can of beefaroni in my lunchbox cooker while living in the truck. It exploded due to overheating and gave me several burns on my left hand. I sent a pic of the blister and burn marks… fun! Strangely, the initial hot food on my hand was the only thing that hurt. I did not know I had the blister(s) until the following morning. I wear gloves a lot, taking them on and off several times a day, and was worried about them pulling on the scabs. Since I can never get my hands clean, I was also worried about infection, but I seem to have escaped any big concerns. I felt so wonderful to shower yesterday, my first since Tuesday. I ended up falling asleep around 6 or 7 last night, and woke when I called mom at 3:35 am.  So much sleep!

Well, mom asked most of the questions in her email that I would ask, so I will just wait to see your response to her. I am curious as to how the exchanges are going. Are the other Sister Missionaries fun to be with or do you find that all have their quirks and difficulties?  Any new foods to report on? Ever get that Whataburger or Church’s? And that is SO WEIRD about the blessing from the woman, but I have seen that in Duncanville, except they spoke in tongues… totally weird. I was asked to participate but declined. How did the soccer game go?  Did you get a chance to use your sports med skills? I imagine any sport activity with Elders gets rowdy!

Well, have a great P-day and awesome week! When are transfers? End of this month?

Love ya,



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