May 20, 2013 Moe’s reply to mom’s letter

Hey Mom,
This is going to be super fast. Yes: i write my president each week. I keep him updated on everything between sister haller and I; he’s told me many times that I am here to train her. yeah; being my trainer’s trainer. It’s great fun. But i’m learning patience, humility, and charity really well! I can see how much i’ve grown already. Mom, I hope you’re prepared for a woman to come home cause you’re not getting regular Maurinda back. Which I assume will be fine with you (; no guarentee if my trail of belongings will be gone or not…….. (: haha
Thanks for making me a mission book! I’m super excited to see it. I meant to take a picture of my planners, so I’ll send that next week. and thanks for updating my blog! i hope that someone reads that… if not, oh well. it’s there. hahaha
i had to buy a new straigtner today cause my cermaic wore off, so i did spend some money at walmart… that will show up on my debit card. and i got my haircut this morning! a less active member is in beauty school. it was great; we got in her home, it was all about her; she got to do what she loves, we got to become GREAT friends… i adore her so much! and she refused to let me pay her! haha but she’s picking up some product at a supply store for me(: hahaha! I have my very own ‘Megan’ here. It’s wonderful.
Sister Hunt is serving in Summerwood. I get to see her on mondays cause her zone and my zone go to the same building to play basketball. The sister just hang and write letters. it’s pretty cool. I love her so much! Oh mom. I know why you love Maurie so much now. and I’m so glad i’m named after someone from your mission cause I adore sister hunt. I want to name one of my own kids after her! Azialee… I love it.
I laughed so hard in the library when i read you squirt pippa. hahaha! that is so funny. that’s like when a crazy old lady in the movies squirts her dog… way to go mom(: i love it. keep it up! keep my dog alive! hahaha
Mom, Preach My Gospel is amazing. i addressed that my huge letter. But seriously; don’t let it overwhelm you. Study the lessons! at the end of each one in chapter three is a break down for 5 minutes, 10-15, and 25-45, or something like that. have them look over those! and get all the lesson pamphlets from the elders; the restoration, plan of salvation, the gospel of jesus christ… have the boys study those. they’re like PMG summarized. It’s awesome. We teach straight from those now. Our APs taught us that. So have the boys underline and write scriptures related to the topic in each section so they can take that out on the mission… I’ll make a copy of the way mine looks and send those home. I have some bows that a member made that i’m going to send to Keirsten. They’re so cute. but seriously; david has to drop abby. have both of them read “Lock Your Heart” by kimball. BUT HONESTLY: Kimball is really harsh. That isn’t church doctrine, just his own opinion. So they don’t need to freak out; but seriously consider what he says and how small choices can effect an entire mission.
To help the missionaries, invite them over for FHE! Have them teach you small ways to share the gospel. Make a list of ways that you’d feel comfortable sharing the gospel with your friends/coworkers. I’ve actually been thinking about you and this subject! You are so great mom. You can connect well with people. Use that to your advantage! I will send you our ward mission plan and some instructions on it. it’s AWESOME. It helps members realize that they do missionary work without even realizing it. It’s super cool.
Tell thomas to get his butt in gear! Missions are hard and can’t be taken lightly. If he thinks school is hard, he’s in for a cruel awakening. but don’t let that scare him off… the Lord will help him with his learning difficulties, but he has to put forth the effort first. I’ll try to write him a letter… but man – don’t let him fail junior year. that would be no good! it will push him back for a mission and the Lord needs the help now. Help him see that a lack of focus in the real world will effect his focus in a spiritual sense as well. and sorry to hear about his head. LAX is brutal. but i told y’all it would take over his life………… so yeah; school first. sports second.
Thanks for the poem and advice! I appreciate it. And thanks for all your love and prayers! I’m the elder’s favorite sister cause i have all the best snacks… granola, fruit leather… They think it’s the! haha so thanks for that (: I am really enjoying it and trying to ration it!
but i gotta go. i have an appointment in 15 minutes!
love you tons,
— Sister moe

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