May 26, 2013 mom’s letter to Moe

Good evening Sister Stockinger!
It’s been raining today, which is kinda nice since we don’t get rain very often. We all just finished dinner, dishes done, and I sit down to write, and tiredness swoops over me. J Richard tells me I need to shorten my letters to you….  J  Hum, what do you think? Can’t help it if I have so much to say! Richard John came home for Memorial weekend and it’s been nice to have him here. We were all bustling around in the kitchen yesterday when I came home from purchasing a bunch of pizza and I must have looked happy because David said, “Mom loves it when all her kids are home.” Yep, I do! And Megan and Nic weren’t going to come over since Keirsten has a really bad head cold and she and Megan stayed home from church. She is sleeping awful cuz she can’t breathe at night. When Keirsten sneezes, all her snot just drips down to her chest. Disgusting I know…disgusting that I just wrote you that!  She’s been feeling that way since Friday and her eyes get all watery too. Her little nose is red from being wiped. Poor baby! But as I was saying, I guess Megan and family are headed over to snag some dinner from me. Megs is craving the chicken rolls I made Friday for the missionaries. Today I tried cooking sausage bean in the crock pot so it would be ready when we got out of church and viola~! … it turned out perfect!
I do feel like I don’t know where to start though! I need to update your blog and print off letters for your book, but now with Meg and Nic coming over, I need to hurry and write you or else it won’t get done before work…. Oh wait!! I don’t have to work tomorrow! Yeah!! Boys have flags early in the morning, hoping it won’t be too crowded but I think we’re going to try and do a picnic and go play Frisbee golf at Ann Morrison Park tomorrow and get sno cones. Looking forward to this week being my last day of work for the summer!!
Yesterday, Saturday, we all were up early by 8 am and over to Centennial ladies softball fields to help with Andrew Heiner’s Eagle project. Wooden seats were built and then sanded and painted maroon to use inside the dugouts at one of the fields. They turned out really nice! And he had people donate cookies and brownies, which I snagged my fair share since I was starving by 11 a.m., thus, the pizza run I mentioned earlier. It was announced today at church that this next Saturday evening will be Shane Alders Eagle Court of Honor. Nice to see boys finishing these up. Guess I need to go buy my sons larger scout shirts and get all the patches resewn on the new shirts. Their other shirts really are too small for them since I bought them large when they were 11 or 12, but being that they are now 6’ + tall, it’s not working.
 Monday, May 27th
11 a.m.
 Hey Sis, finally getting back to your letter. Glad to see in my inbox that you hadn’t written yet. Course, maybe the library is closed today…just had that thought….
Meg and Nic showed up last night after all, started the dinner rounds again, and then we played some games of Cosmic Catch and Uno.
Tom is off to watch his championship LAX game, which is being held at Centennial football field – the first time in ten years LAX has gotten to play there. They managed to strike a deal with the principal. Several of us wanted to go and watch the game, but since they are charging to get in and Thomas isn’t playing, we don’t want to pay. And I wanted to get you written and Richard wants me to cut his hair before he leaves for SLC. I’m hoping we still get to go play Frisbee golf downtown and have a BBQ, but am up against Richard wanting to leave about 3 p.m. and the Hopkins BBQ, so we’ll see.
With a new stake presidency brought empty high counselor spots, thus Br. Williams ended up being in the bishopric for only a short while and was called to be a high counselor. The Olsens have been to Hawaii for ten days with their entire family and they just got back this past week so a new counselor got called. Stan Gibson is the new 2nd counselor. I think that is great – that will be good for him. He shared the scripture Micah 6:8, which he felt fit his situation.
Sacrament meeting was on preparedness yesterday – the speakers were Brs. Puderbaugh and Smith. Br. Puderbaugh is the cannery coordinator and I learned a lot of interesting facts. Our cannery here is one of the smallest the church has yet it produces ALL the pears and peaches for the entire church welfare program. These two items plus diced tomatoes and tomato juice are what this cannery is now set up to only take care of. Millions of cans can be done a day. The sad part is, is that the cannery continues to struggle with having volunteers show up and cover the shifts. Guess there has been many times that food has been thrown away for lack of help to get it canned. That is sad. Now that I work my job does fall during two of the shifts, but an evening shift is going to be starting so I guess I will do a better job of trying to make that shift. I’d hate to see the cannery close, which is a possibility if members don’t step up to help. No one ever knows when they might be in need of the bishop’s storehouse and how blessed we are to have this inspired helpful program of the church. In fact, the church is the first to be of help and service in many stricken disaster areas of the world – you just never hear the church’s name mentioned in the news. Many times the church works with the Red Cross and Catholic Relief programs. Br. Smith spoke about preparedness mainly with physical and spiritual. He had his first heart attack at age 38. At that time they were unable to get any help from the bishop’s storehouse and they lived off of what they had in their house for a year! The meds he was put on to help with the heart attack are what led to him becoming legally blind and about a year later I think he said, he had another heart attack. Through it all he’s kept his faith, learned a new career and way to provide for his family. He shared a couple of excellent quotes from prophets about preparedness, but I wasn’t able to get those. It all has re motivated me to re look at our food storage (haven’t bought stuff for awhile now) and see how much we truly have and I haven’t even started a garden yet and have toyed with not doing one this year. Just so worn out from working all the time, but I will plant at least a small garden. And no one seems to eat the bottled fruit much anymore, but something said in the talks yesterday made me realize I still need to do some.
I’ve noticed three plaques in the missionary board area – one being yours, but none have photos. I thought you had emailed Marla a photo of yourself and asked her about it after church yesterday.  She said she only got your scripture, so I guess I’ll chose one of your photos and get that to her.
I heard through the grapevine that Megan Heiner is preparing to go on a mission too. I asked her about it at the eagle project and she said yes, that she just got her dental work done. So that is exciting.
Had the elders over for dinner again this past Friday. The senior comp is the same but has a new comp due to more missionaries coming out.  Left us with a scripture as the message.  Also, do you mind if I share some of your missionary stories when people ask about how you’re doing? They are so inspiring. Btw, what do you think of the strawberry/peach leather? Course, it really drives up the cost of the leather buying strawberries to put in it, but I really like the taste.
Saturday when I drove around the corner to the house from buying pizzas, there was Nic out next to the curb putting out our orange cones from soccer days so I asked him what he was doing.  He says, “I’m gonna cut down your tree.” What?  Really? He’s only been hearing me talk about it for at least three years. Sure enough..he cut it down! The photos are on my ipad – I’ll have to figure out how to post them some time so you can see. It took us three hours to just drag all the branches to the side of the house behind the fence. So that will be another huge project to get them to the dump sometime. There are so many you can’t even see over the branches to the backyard! No dogs will be getting out of the fence anytime soon! The front of the house looks so empty!!! Nic and Thomas like it so much better – how open it feels. Nic feels it now draws your eyes to the flower beds instead. We were so worn out after that unplanned bonding experience that I took us all to the movie that night to see the latest Iron Man. I thought it was excellent. Worth seeing again when dad gets home. 
So how’s it going reteaching lessons to the primary teacher lady? And the mother/daughter duo – have they started progressing or did you have to let them go? Did you ever take a member with you to go teach the guy that wants to date you? Eeekk. Your mom doesn’t know about that one…. How’s Valerie continuing with her progression. LOVED that experience you shared!
Pippa seems to be leaving Maggie alone. Don’t know if its cuz my squirt bottle tactics have worked or what. She is in heat and I’ve been running her back and forth to the vet out by Roaring Springs for the progesterone test every other day or so. Tomorrow will be the real test to see if she’s getting to the magic number of #5 so the semen vial can be shipped from GA. She actually regressed in her numbers, but Brenda and I count that as a blessing cuz everything is closed today being Memorial Day so we needed Pippa to hold out til tomorrow. She sure doesn’t bleed very much so that gets me worried, but we’ll see.
Glad you have your own “megan” out there – although the one here charges you.  Thanks for all your good advice on PMG. Hoping to do better during the summer, but gonna be a challenge around boys work schedules too.
I need to go. I’ve been writing way long and I have kids coming over and hair to cut, etc. My mind is now not focusing on any advice I can share cuz everyone wants me off computer. So I’ll just close by saying I love your enthusiasm! It’s contagious, missions are the BOMB. Oh… I did go visit teach Sister Gayla Wilson… she’s new on my route…. She’s been on a mission too. Shared my smiles poem with her…time was short…talked missions…and you…she loved your talk, we both start remembering and all the feelings of being sister missionaries come back and we feel on fire inside. It was GREAT! Love it.
Have a wonderful HAPPY DAY tomorrow. Lots of love!

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