May 28, 2013

Hey y’all!
Guess what? I’m almost done being green! I just finished my first transfer. I’m still with Sister Haller, but I can actually say I’m grateful for that. I’m still learning how to improve myself and don’t want to miss out on whatever President thinks I need to learn. So… Here I go! At least 6 more weeks being in Humble with her. Yeehaw! I’m super bummed about transfers though. I’ve lost my district leader AND his comp (that’s called being ‘flushed), and two other elders. They’re all so fun! I’m all, “Uh, how rude of President to take so many of my friends. what the heck” but I hear our new district leader is awesome. the other sister companionship is getting made into a trio! They aren’t too thrilled about that… but i am! She’s on visa waiting so she won’t be here too long. But i think that’s so cool.
This week has been soooo loooong! I just wanna crawl under my bed and hide. Everything blew up. I knew things were too good to be true! SATAN HAS BEEN PLOTTING. I just wanna smack him. It started out great and ended terribly. and those last couple days… oh man. DEATH. I wanted to die. but it’s okay…. sort of.
We committed valerie to a baptism date; June 15th. However: that so will not happen. She has to quit smoking AND get married to her boyfriend who she’s lived with for 18 years. yep. that will be fun. we knew she’d be able to tackle it all except her daughter went and had a baby! so rude 😉 jk. but now valerie is focusing all her attention on that and said she won’t meet with us for at least two weeks so she can help her daughter get settled. DUMB! this is her daughters 3rd kid; she should be in the swing of things by now! I’m so frustrated. but whatever! Things will always work out… FAITH. PATIENCE. they go hand in hand! haha ahhhh….
The mother-daughter duo, Paula and Fenae, said we could visit as long as we didnt teach from the book of mormon. before I could say anything, sister haller shouts, “Sure okay!” and i’m all, “Uh heck no!” So the week went by and i finally got sister haller’s head on straight. We were going to softly ‘break up’ with them this last saturday, but they cancelled on us! So now it’s being drug out… So dumb. These women would be perfect for the church. They’re just too scared. Goll dang Satan! He’s getting on my nerves.
OKAY GUYS. OKAY. LISTEN TO ME. is amazing! it’s so amazing! it’s just amazing. the best thing ever! it’s so much cooler than facebook. I want to challenge y’all to post one video a week on facebook! DO IT! There’s so many fascinating people. I love it. They totally inspire me. I absolutely love Brandon Flowers, LEAD SINGER OF THE KILLERS! Say what?! but he said, “Some poeple expect us to grow out of the church… I was raised in it and there’s still a fire burning”. That’s so cool to me. He’s a rock star! and he still lives and loves the gospel. I love it. but check out And Frank Mansuetto! He said, “people can change. It’s a core principle”. SO TRUE! the gospel is about changing our lives and bringing us closer to Christ. These people completely inspire me and make me want to be closer to Him. and I’m on a mission! I should be so close! and i am – but I feel like I should always be striving to be better. and I hope y’all are too. The Gospel is for everyone! So share it and live it (: St. Francis Assisi (spell check!) said, “Preach the gospel at all times. and if neccessary, use words”. Yeah guys; a dude who isn’t even apart of our gospel knows what’s up. So get out there, share the gospel, post a video, and blow people’s minds with eternal salvation. It doesn’t get any better!
I met this crazy guy. His name is Tate. He’s been going on this ‘spiritual journey’… and it led him to the catholic church! we talked on his doorstep for 30min before he realized he should have invited us in to meet his wife. But oh well… We are supposed to meet up with him this Saturday. Hurray! He likes to talk and talk and talk so we are really going to have to be in control of the lesson and not let him speak a whole ton. so wish us luck! prayer: it works.
Our car likes to let us know that it’s 103-106 outside sometimes. That makes my skin melt off. and members talk about how “pleasantly cool” it’s been. I wanna smack them when they say that… but I found a dress a sister left in our apt. that’s UGLY! it’s creme with black polka dots all over it. i’m so excited about it. I’m going to have a member chop it off and make it a skirt! BOO YA! nothing like free clothes… but i say this because it’s light fabric which will be awesome when august hits. but hey; i have only gained 2 pounds! so i’m really sweating things out… if ya know what i mean… hello back sweat… mmm…. we went tracting for 3 hours one day cause EVERYONE CANCELLED ON US. it was our most well planned day and it all just dropped. So I have a fantastic tan line on my foot where the strap goes across… I’m a big fan. BUT i do put on sun screen almost every day. Be proud of me, mother (:
Oh – mom asked about the guy who asked me on a date then told me to call him in 18 months. Mookie… Oh mookie. We tried to call him but his phone was disconnected! Looks like my standing date is CANCELLED! Goll darn. I want to keep trying the number every once in a while though to see if we can still meet him. haha! so fun.
We had a memorial day breakfast with the ward. that was fun! I took some pictures with members so i’ll try to get those sent to y’all. There’s one I took with a mother, daughter, and son; we’re on a bench. That’s the philips family; AKA some of my most favorite people in the ward. I know i mentioned them to mom, but for everyone else if i didnt, Tina (the mom) has had at least 3 strokes. Her kids are incredible; they take care of her all the time. Keith, the son, just graduated high school and Krista just came home from BYU. But they are so tender; the best example of charity! So i’m a big fan. I had to have a picture with them! I adore them. They are the best examples… Everyone else is just super cool members! The girl in the tank top is Megan Marksberry… She was baptized in January so we work on keeping her and her husband active. I love them so much. They’re the ones who fed me all the sausage… mmm… but yeah; i love them too.
So that’s my week. Pretty long… I miss y’all so much! I love you all to pieces and think about you all the time. Thanks for all the prayers and things you do for me! If you want to read the Book of Mormon with me, I’m in Alma 31… I read half an hour a day, so about 3-5 chapters. Keep up if you want to (: it’s awesome. We’re getting into some good things; Korihor just got struck dumb. Kids, that’s what happens when you ask for a sign and deny God. You get made dumb. Learn from others mistakes(: I love the book of mormon! it’s so interesting. I love reading it! Ah! So i hope you do too. Read every day! and pray(: it’s a commandment!
But I love you and miss you! The Church is true! The Lord is on our side!
— Sister Stockinger

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