May 5, 2013 letter from mom

Hi Moe,
As I am in the process of putting together a box to send you, I had to chuckle yesterday because for you being gone you are still consuming a lot of my time!! J You know how my life is! So I’ll mail the box tomorrow after work. I will send it to your apartment. Gonna cost me a small fortune!  J So you have that to look forward to. I still have to get your letters into your blog…only the six page letter has been done… Sorry, but not gonna happen again today. Trying. Can’t believe wiper blades are being stolen! Gee whiz. And glad you’re learning some car maintenance. Wish my boys knew more of this stuff at home! And how to build and fix things… J So anyway, I had to be up at 7 a.m. this morning to get David to a mission quest meeting at 7:30 and since it is now 10:20 a.m. looks like I won’t be going back to bed. So I thought I’d get your letter written. Also been working on updating your mission binder too.
How is Mary doing? Is she still one of your investigators? How’s the mother/daughter duo coming along? Have you been in many members’ homes getting to know them and share a message? When we had the Elders over, they shared a scripture, but didn’t leave us with a challenge of anything like your ‘hour of power’. It was announced in church today that the elders area is being split in half and they will be covering two wards instead of five.  I signed up again for the end of the month. 
I was surprised that your zone got to attend the Houston Temple. That is way cool! I wonder how often you will get to do that. I want to know more about one of the group temple pics…the look on your face …. Pretty funny I thought.
Glad you were able to visit a bookstore too and get the ring and photo. Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed it, but I too have a favorite picture that helped me through a very challenging experience on my bathroom mirror. It is by someone named Hegsted and all you see is the lap of the Savior cradling a young lady in his arm next to his lap as she tightly holds onto his sleeve and he is stroking her hair. The caption of the picture says, “I WILL NOT FAIL THEE”. It too is incredible and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Another scripture you may enjoy is John 14:27. I once saw it below a picture on the inside back cover of an Ensign..don’t remember which year now.
So I would like to know more about this five hour hash out meeting with your mission pres. I would like to know what was awful and amazing…what inspiration he left for you. Are things going better between your comp and you because of the meeting? Please share…. So I did read Mosiah 24:13-15 and you’re right. That is an excellent scripture for you right now! Don’t you just LOVE it when you get answers from the Lord that He is indeed aware of you! Pretty cool. I have total confidence in you that you will succeed with serving a mission.
Just to clarify with what dad wrote you. He is still driving for the same company – NRT – but he is no longer a leasee, but an actual employer of NRT now. The man he was working for is pretty much getting out of the trucking business and NRT needs more drivers desperately so dad is back to working for them. He is in limbo as to where he’s gonna live. The apt he’s in his previous employer was paying for and so now dad is trying to move to this motel NRT has, but wants to see it first to see how bad or good it is. He hates to lose his internet connection and hopes this motel may have it. Plus he won’t have a kitchen in the room at the motel…guess there is a community share one. And he will be sleeping in his truck more when up on the Indian reservation cuz NRT likes you to be up there at least three days at a time to save on fuel coming back and forth. And his old roommate did show up and get all his stuff so he’s finally gone and dad doesn’t have to deal with him anymore.
Yes, David and Tom are around. You gotta realize they aren’t gonna be as dedicated to writing like your parents. Don’t recall you all writing Richard a ton when he was out either.
Funny you should ask about your dog. They have been viciously attacking each other about three times a day lately. Don’t know what’s going on. Calling the vet tomorrow to get their opinion. Either it’s cuz Pippa is still close to going into heat or cuz they both are female. Maggie growls and bars her teeth at Pippa and Pippa is annoying her somehow. I have to force pull them apart. Have been keeping them apart when I’m home….
Testimonies were excellent today…course, talked about my daughter in mine…. R.S. lesson was excellent. Another time I’ll have to remember share parts I thought were amazing from our Daughters in my Kingdom book.
Once church was over, it was fix dinner, make a dessert, make more granola for you, copy recipes, try to spend a little time with Keirsten. She was dressed adorable today in a cute cotton spring dress. She looked so comfy and her hair was cute cute.
I’ve had no extra sleep today and have to be to work by 6:15 tomorrow morning. Lots of love and prayers your way hon!

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