June 16, 2013 mom’s letter to Moe

June 16, 2013


Dear Sister Stockinger,

It’s a glorious beautiful Sunday once again in Idaho! I love it! Well, this past week has been so wonderful. Once again I feel I have so much to say and so little time…it is already 8 p.m. at night. The boys are waiting for me to make homemade strawberry ice cream. Course, I need to make my healthy version. I too am trying to stay off dairy. Makes me think back to my mission…. Maurie and I were companions and we were teaching a young lady that had some hard addictions to give up. She told us one day that we couldn’t relate to what she was going through because we had never had to give up smoking, or drugs, or alcohol and that it was hard. So, Maurie and I gave up sugar the rest of our mission…and that was hard, but we did it. I had well over half of my mission to go without, but we did it for her. So you are a lot like your mom after all.

SO ANYWAY….. you have been so inspirational and it has motivated me to get back to my old self in regards to all the spiritual stuff I enjoy. With all my many jobs, it really wears me out and leaves me so tired with trying to catch up. Thus, the blessing of summer…get back to basics and what really matters. 

Let’s see… The boys and I did better on getting family scriptures read this week. We weren’t 100%, but we did well the first half of the week. Then the boys were gone camping Thursday thru Saturday. They went to City of Rocks and had a really good time. It was nice to see some of these older boys going with the younger scouters. While dropping them off at the church I thought, “Yes, we finally remembered to bring everything in one trip!” We sat there for about twenty minutes waiting for others to show up and then at the last minute Thomas shouts out to me, “Mom! We forgot to bring the bacon and sausage from the outside fridge! Will you go home and get it please?” Br. Johnson just smiled. Ugh. So back home I went. 

I’ve done much, much better with reading my personal scriptures. I too LOVE the Book of Mormon! Sounds like we are about in the same place, although you have passed me up with as much time as you have to study and read. The boys and I had family home evening tonight. IT FELT SO GOOD! My spirit really craves this stuff, and I feel so strongly I’m supposed to be teaching my boys stuff, but physical life gets in the way now that I work more. I spoke with the boys about some of what you’ve been challenging us and challenged them to spend just a little time in the scriptures each day this summer and get back on track with prayer. No solid commitments… wonder what could be an incentive….  And for our FHE we took the time to put the scripture mastery stickers I got them at Christmas time onto some of the scriptures in the New Testament. I’ve wanted them to be in their seminary scriptures, which were always at school, and they never remembered to take the time to put them in while at school, so we are going to do that during the summer. I’m gonna get me some too. And David has so many glue-ins from Br. Deeble! I need to copy them and put in mine.  So many choices suddenly before me for scripture study! That is so cool that you’re doing the BOM library thing from Bednar! Last year, Sister Shreeve had encouraged her Sunday School class to do the same when he had her for a teacher. He’s never used the book…didn’t quite get it, so another challenge we need to do at home sometime.

And guess what?!! I did one of your other challenges – I figured out how to post a mormon.org message to FB! I couldn’t get it to work this morning, but I now had the thought while on FB to search for mormon.org on FB and it worked that way! I had to post a different one, but this morning I read the Lorin one who is blind. Yeah, pretty inspiring, and like you said, hum, what can I say/do to make my life more interesting? And the videos…they look like they have a professional movie crew following them around. What’s up with that?

AND… I also made it to the temple on Friday afternoon! That too felt terrific. I’ve wanted to go weekly for several months… that challenge from our stake leaders to increase our temple attendance… but was always so tired after work. And now that Thomas can drive it will be so helpful to not have to be taking the boys to sports practices this fall, which will help with getting to the temple in the afternoons. I met up with my manager from work, Shirlene. She’s wanted to go weekly too. So, every Friday afternoon we are going to attend throughout the summer!

You mentioned struggling with positive thoughts. Apply that situation to others you’ve already dealt with such as bearing your testimony in church so you wouldn’t let Satan win by not bearing your testimony. Do the same with your thoughts. Don’t let Satan win. Just choose to immediately transfer your thoughts to something else. Remember, that is how Satan works is through our thoughts. He doesn’t have a body like the rest of us and that is the only way he can get to us. That single fact alone makes us more powerful than him. Pretty awesome when you think of it like that. Ha! I just had a primary song pop into my head:

If on occasion you have found

Your language is in question,

Or ugly thoughts come to your mind,

Then here’s a good suggestion.

Just hum your favorite hymn,

Sing out with vigor and vim, (which means energy & enthusiasm)

And you will find it clears your mind.

Hum your favorite hymn.

Before you say an angry word,

Remember you’ll regret it,

For once it’s said the harm is done,

And some folks won’t forget it.

Just hum your favorite hymn,

Sing out with vigor and vim,

And you will find it clears your mind.

Hum your favorite hymn.

So, pretty wonderful week, if I do say so myself. Yesterday I got all caught up putting letters into your binder and into your blog. That took me about four hours. Whew! Sister Shreeve posted on FB that she has already read all the posts. She is such a sweetheart! Now to get pictures posted. And by the way, feel free to reply to both dad and I in the same letter if you want, or even in your big letter if you want. Up to you.

You mentioned Blue Bell ice cream. Haven’t you ever seen that Blue Bell is sold in the grocery stores out here? Wal-Mart sells it and we’ve bought it…unless I’m thinking of Blue Bunny. Now I guess I’m gonna have to go see if the stores do sell it here. J And about the GPS – I’ve seen them sold at Costco too – not sure that exact model. I just checked Costco online and the Garmin nuvis they sell are $140 – $230. Just checked walmart online and yep, they have the one you want for $72 then tax and shipping. Yep, we can go halvsies with you. The ants…! Oh my. Please tell me you shook off your sheets outside before you washed them. I keep picturing all these ants in the washing machine with your sheets. And are you still being able to keep your headaches at bay?

So, how are your investigators? Have you been able to meet back with Hilda that you just met? Is meeting with Monica improving with helping her develop a stronger testimony of the gospel? When will Valerie be back from helping with her daughter? And what’s the deal with Paula and Fenae? Did you ever get to meet back up with Tate on Saturday? Sounds like you have lots of potential people to be working with. And how is Sister Hunt doing since her trainer has decided to go home? How could anyone leave her? How long had the trainer been out on her mission?

Well, I better bring this to a close. It’s 9 p.m. and I still need to make that ice cream. So…… just so you know….. I’m going to be getting a box together to send to you tomorrow – hopefully – so you’ll get it by the end of the week. Nothing majorly spectacular.

By the way, church was so fantastic today. Had wanted to share all that, but I’ll have to do that another time…think I’ve said that before in another letter. 

Keep on swimmin’! Walk tall you’re a daughter, a daughter of God!

All my love,




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