June 18, 2013 reply to mom’s letter

Dear Mom,

Did you have a good birthday? Did you like my card? hahaha I hope it was a great day! I love you!

Your letters don’t make me homesick very much. So don’t worry about any of that. They used to, but I’ve really prayed for strength to lose myself in the work! I enjoy hearing about what’s going on and would love more pictures printed and sent in the mail… Candid shots of keirsten and the dogs would be appreciated (: but no rush.

Did I tell you how much I love my name? You talking about Maurie just made me think of this… I love my first name! I love that I got to be named after someone from you mission. It makes being out here that much more special! Especially since Grandma is out as well. I just feel like I have so much power behind me! You served, I’m serving, I’m named after two amazing ladies… I’m so blessed! I just have fire inside me right now!

Mom, you work too hard. You really do need to take care of your spirit. I was thinking about this the other day… We had our spirits before this life, we have our spirits now, and we’ll have them when we pass away. Our bodies are truly temporary! But who we become now is who we will be for the eternities. Our personalities carry over! We need to build our spiritual strength NOW. So ignore the boys and read your scriptures(: They can fix a grilled cheese if they’re hungry. haha

I’m super jealous that you’ll be going to the temple each week! That’s so awesome. I was just asking sister haller when we’d be able to go next… I’m seriously craving the temple. A lady in our ward just took out her endowments. She’s in her 50’s i believe. But she introduces herself like this, “Hi i’m Jill Jaquote! See how i’m glowing? I just went thru the temple!” I don’t think she realizes how long i’ve been here… She introduces herself to me all the time. and it goes like that! hahaha she took them out about 2 weeks ago. I’m so happy for her! Her husband isn’t a member, so she isn’t sealed. but her niece just got married so that was the push for her to get to the temple! I”m so happy for her. Other good news: the elders in our ward are teaching her husband! so there’s hope (:

I’m so proud of you for posting a video! But when you’re on mormon.org, on the video you like, just copy the link in the bar at the top and paste it into your FB status bar (where you type your status). It will convert into a link/video thing for you! It’s easy peasy. But make a profile! You never know who you will reach… Literally. you NEVER know who sees your mormon.org profile! but imagine the millions of testimonies on that site, and the feelings a person will feel when they stumble across it for the first time… It’s amazing! truly inspired.

Thanks for going half-and-half with me on the GPS. Did you get it ordered? and sent it to the Mission office? I’ll send $40 home soon; i’m trying to finish putting a package together with various things in it so it will be included in that. That way I won’t feel sketchy putting $40 in an envelope. But THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate it. Please tell dad for me as well.

I have to get going, but I love you a lot! I will try to answer more questions in a hand letter… Tell dad I love him and miss him! I didn’t get to email him today, but tell him I hope he had a great father’s day. hopefully he will get my card soon…… i’m bad at getting those in the mail on time. Shoot. but I love you all and miss you tons! kiss the dogs for me – keirsten too! Tell megan I wanna see pictures of her stomach as soon as she starts to show. AHHH!

Love you lots,

— Sister Maurinda Joy


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