June 24, 2013 Moe’s letter

Howdy Y’all!

I’m going to get my own questions out of the way… Is Pippa officially pregnant? Is thomas and david alive? Has dad bought a new car since he was shopping around in ND? WHAT IS MEGAN AND NIC’S BABY?!!!? That’s what I really want to know… haha

I don’t really have a whole ton to report this week. We gained six new investigators, which is awesome, because it felt like our area was beginning to lag. We have been praying for the work to pick up! And hey look – the Lord answers our prayers!

3 of our new investigators is a family; it could have been 4 but the son didn’t join us in our first chit chat. So we are hopefully going to continue to teach a mom, dad, daughter, and then the son can join. They are so cute! The dad, Paul, has worked for coca-cola for 13 years and they have TONS of awesome coke products. Like, really old signs, collectors items… It’s sweet. Their living room is decorated all Coke. They offered us any kind of cola product but guess what… I had a ceremony to celebrate my last soda. So I had water :/ and by ceremony i mean, “sister haller, this is my last soda.k?” “Should i take a picture?” “nah”…. and that was it. It was a knock off Dr. Pepper. Pretty sad way to let it go out…. hahaha

I got my first blister since being in Texas! We showed up at a less active member’s house who lives semi in the country, and she was about to go speed walking. Soooo we went with her! She has a super long private driveway so we just walked up and down that for 45 min, in our skirts and tracting shoes… It was great! 2nd work out for the day. haha but it was REALLY awesome because her nonmember husband wasn’t there so she really opened up to us. Oh – her name is Shelly. She’s a sweetheart. I really like her. She has one of the thickest southern accents (for these parts). Not too many people have a drawl in Humble cause it’s more city-like. but She is a native so she’s got it! I love it.

On Wednesday we bike the whole entire day. We didn’t put a single mile on our car! I felt so accomplished. I have no idea how many miles we biked, but I enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much, and I got really burned on my upper arms, but it was worth it. When we told our elders they were WIDE EYED. I don’t think sisters ever bike in our area… So they were pretty impressed. It was awesome; earning our keep. haha

On Friday we helped a member unload a HUGE uhaul truck. It was HUGE! It took forever… but we had tons of missionaries show up and a few members of our ward. So that was nice. It was this sweet sister who’s daughter just moved back home from North Cali. This family, the Elzinga’s, do so much for us so it was really great to be able to help them out. Of course – they bought a ton of gatorade for us and pizza, but… it felt like we mainly helped them without anything in return. hahaha but it was an average of 100F that day, and I was wearing grey workout pants soooo… It was a little embarrassing when i had sweat marks on my pants. all along my booty and knee pits! hahaha ahhh… I wanted to die. I have a picture but my back was completely soaked, so it doesn’t even look like I was that sweaty.

On Saturday we took valerie shopping to get some new church clothes so she would feel comfortable coming…. I got really sick because we’d been eating nothing but pizza for a few days (everyone has been giving us pizza) so I had to sleep for a few hours cause I was going to vomit the way sister haller drives (: so that was fun. haha but it worked out! we still had a super productive day. but the Spanish elders, Elders duke and gamez, they had to come and give me a blessing. Elder Gamez is the handicapped elder and he sealed the anointing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more sincere and tender blessing. This elder is SO AWESOME. He is such an example to me! But i felt so embarrassed cause I was sick, then he made me cry, and then I had to stand there and shake their hands and they asked a few more questions,… it was lovely. But I just have such a testimony of the priesthood. It’s amazing that people who hardly know us know exactly what to say. I am so thankful for the Lord allowing such young guys to work in his behalf! It’s incredible. I don’t think i’ve ever realized the power of the priesthood and how STRONG it is now that i’m seeing it in action so much.

but I think that’s the most exciting things that have happened this week… it really was an amazing week. We were able to teach a lot of lessons, we’re becoming more obedient, and we have been so blessed to find people. Our ward is also really stepping up and coming out with us. I am so thankful! I just love being able to see the Lord work so much in my life. He is so kind and loving; I hope y’all realize that.

But i have to get going! Still a lot of people to email and pictures to send… But I love y’all and miss y’all so much! Thanks for everything you do for me. Y’all are the best family in the world!

— Sister Stockinger


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