June 24, 2013 Mom’s letter to Moe

Dear Sister Stockinger,

Good morning good morning! I am hurrying to get this written and sent to you before you email us. I’ve had a rough morning – didn’t fall asleep til 3:30 am. I haven’t been sleeping well for a week and a half. Only thing I can think of is I’ve let my routine get out of whack with it being summer and thus I’m sleeping in in the mornings. So, I really need to get things turned around.

Okay, the Garmin has been ordered and has shipped out to your mission office. With taxes, shipping, and $7 for a two year protection warranty that is supposed to be better than the manufacture warranty, the total cost came to $90.90. I also mailed you another box that you should have by today, but I wouldn’t recommend opening it in front of Elders. I also have just remembered within the past couple of days that you had once asked for the address of the young man who lives across from the Hopkins that the boys said recently joined the church so I have that for you. It is: 11850 Combes Park Drive, Boise 83713.

Yesterday was a terrific Sabbath. Church was real good – Shane Alder spoke – he can be so funny, Kimball Smithee spoke (he and his wife & little baby girl live in our ward for the time being), and Patriarch Judy spoke about agency, which was very good. Church got out a half hour earlier than usual because of the worldwide leadership meeting on missionary work. I had had every intention of attending, but ended up not going because Uncle Ken and Aunt Kris were passing through Boise on their way back to Washington from taking Teal to Utah where he will work for the summer. Teal will be living with Kris’ parents and working for my cousin’s husband (they live in Logan) who has several construction type businesses throughout the Salt Lake valley. So the boys and I only attended sacrament meeting so we could be home and see them. I prepared a simple feast – baked potatoes with toppings, salad, homemade French bread, grape juice, cherries, and homemade strawberry ice cream. We all were in heaven.  As usual we had quite the belly laughs with them. They were here about an hour or so before heading on their way. Teal will be attending SUU in Cedar City in the fall, and I thought your cousin Aaron was attending there as well, but Uncle Ken tells us that Aaron is going to go on a mission!!!! Oh my gosh, I was so surprised! That is awesome!! Gosh, when we saw him in February at grandma’s house, I hardly recognized him. He had changed so much and looked so good.

We were told at church we could also listen to this broadcast via lds.org, but I could never get it to work, so I missed it. I had really wanted to hear it. Out home teachers, the Wilkins, told us all about it though and it sounded wonderful. Pretty exciting about the internet going to be used more for missionary work, and tours of chapels soon to happen. I’m assuming you got to attend this meeting….

After Ken and Kris left I actually took a nap for about an hour. I don’t usually ever do that so you know I was pretty tired; like I said earlier, I haven’t been sleeping well. Then home teachers arrived, then we had FHE (didn’t let Satan win – not on my watch!). Megan and Nic also arrived about then too. The boys and I finished marking seminary scripture mastery scriptures, the boys putting in the colored stickers I’d gotten them at Christmas time. We then read a conference talk out of the November 2012 issue (because that is what I had here & we’ve never finished it) and read a talk about missionary work! It was Elder Russell M. Nelson’s talk entitled, ‘Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!’ It was very good – all about younger and older missionaries serving with the sole hope of making life better for other people. He shared an excellent story about the missionaries being heaven-sent to a protestant gentleman in his 60s whose parents were both ministers and a close friend who was dealing with the death of her child during childbirth and a bitter divorce soon after, now a single mother with four children. She opened her heart to this guy, and confessed she was thinking of taking her own life. This guy, Jerry, tried to help her understand that her life had value and invited her to attend his church, but she said she had given up on God. Jerry didn’t know what to do. Later, while watering trees in his yard, he prayed to God for guidance. As he prayed he heard a voice in his mind saying, “Stop the boys on the bikes.” Jerry wondered what this meant. As he reflected on this impression, he gazed up the street and saw two young men in white shirts and ties riding bicycles toward his house. Stunned by this “coincidence”, he watched them ride by. Then, realizing that the situation required him to act, he shouted out, “Hey you, please stop! I need to talk to you!” The young men stopped and as they approached, Jerry noticed they wore name tags that identified them as missionaries for our church and so he told them of the weird experience he had just had and asked, “Can you help me?” They smiled and one said, “Yes, I am sure we can.” Jerry told about the plight of his friend and soon the elders were meeting with Pricilla, her children, and Jerry. Her thoughts of suicide turned to hope and happiness. Their faith grew through sincere prayer, study of the BOM, and fellowship with members of the church. They all were baptized and became members of Christ’s restored Church. The entire talk is excellent – so many good life situations shared.

Then as a family, we all went out front and played a game of crochet. I actually won!!

This past Thursday, June 20th, I went and got cherries from the church orchards in Caldwell. They had just been picked and are delish! I got 41 pounds, which I know sounds like a lot, but I have already pitted and froze them to use in my smoothies throughout the year, and I only got enough to last six months if I’m lucky. I haven’t decided if I’m going to drive all the way back for more, but need to decide soon because the season is very short. I’m very lucky to have cherries at all – most of Emmett lost their entire cherry crop due to weather situations this past spring. Apricots will be coming on this week, but I don’t think I’m going to get any for leather. I’ve been blending up the bottle peaches and pears into fruit leather.

I was so surprised to receive a handwritten letter from you! That was nice. Lucky you that you get so many emails! Are you allowed to hand write letters whenever you want or just on PDay? You had mentioned about possibly dropping Paula & Fenae but hadn’t at the time. So have Tate and also Hilda let you meet back with them? Hope so. Sounds like Monica is making progress – I’m tellin’ ya, people LOVE sister missionaries. And sweet Valerie – I love her too! She sounds adorable. Just really make sure that she gets a firm foundation of members who will truly be her friend and help her build the foundation she needs. To this day I still feel very frustrated over the friend of Megan’s that joined the church right out of high school – one of those twin sisters – can’t think of her name. I attended her baptism and just wanted to stare at her. I could see such a change in her and never could pinpoint it. It was her countenance…something – the light of Christ now in her life. It was undeniable. And then, her guy friend went on a mission, and Megan got married, and she got a job here in Boise and didn’t go to BYUI, and before you know it she fell back into old ways. Broke my heart. Ugh! She just needed people to keep helping her strengthen her foundation and now she’s made all these commitments to the gospel and doesn’t go anymore. Sad.

We can’t visibly tell if Pippa is pregnant. She is certainly gaining weight because I am now feeding her a higher protein content diet. She gets a layer of dry dog food, a layer of wet can dog food, and then a layer of cottage cheese. This is what the breeder told me to do. I guess Ken just feeds his pregnant dog puppy food cuz it is rich in nutrients. Maggie certainly knows that something is up…that Pippa is getting special food she isn’t. Pippa needs to be fattened up cuz puppies are going to suck her dry. At about 30 days I can take her in for an ultrasound – the babies I guess are about the size of ping pong balls; my breeder says to wait til about 40-45 days when they are abit larger. The entire gestation is only like 61-63 days. Aunt Brenda bred two of their dogs – one is having puppies in a couple of weeks and the other one didn’t take, but they tried breeding her on her first heat and it didn’t work. Too young. That’s why ya wait til the 2nd or 3rd heat. So here’s praying for puppies the first weekend of August!

Well, this has turned out long again so I better stop. Oh ya! I almost forgot!!! Grandma was talking to an elder in her mission that is headed home and asked him where home was and he said Texas so she asked where. HE’S FROM HUMBLE TEXAS!!! His name is Elder Malone, and he lives on Fountian Lily Drive. Small world!

Love ya!


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