July 1, 2013 Moe’s letter

Howdy Y’all!


How’s everyone doing? Things here have been pretty slow, so I’ll do my best to make this interesting…

Last Pday we got to watch ‘The best two years’ with our zone. That movie is 1000000X funnier when you’re a missionary. Holy cow. I was dying! It was so much fun.

On Wednesday we had to drive to Beaumont for sister haller to get her knees looked at… I gave her exercises to do when I first came into the area (so 3 months ago) and she’s only done them off and on. we went to the doctor annnnd he gave her the exact same exercises and told her everything I already said (: heck yeah – i still got it! I love the medical field, even in the mission field!

I also got mom’s package…. bahaha. I laughed when I opened it. too funny… I cried when i saw the homemade bread. literally, cried. Sister haller and I had had a bit of a tough morning so when i was SURPRISED to see a package, then saw homemade BREAD, i just cried. I was so tired – it was the best thing ever. and I loved the little book and card; very funny and inspiring. The package was perfect! I’ve yet to make a face mask from the recipes though…

Thursday was probably the best day of the week. We called a member, Sister Elzinga, and left a message asking her to start praying for Hour of Power that night. When we got to her house for dinner, and we asked her where we should go tract, she said, “Oh i dont know! I prayed for YOU to have the inspiration to know where to go!” so when we explained that we needed HER to tell us where to go, she started SOBBING. She was so upset that she misunderstood us that she and her husband went into the living room and prayed together. She takes missionary work so seriously since the gospel saved her life… She is so sweet and tender! She’s in her 60’s and I adore her. but anyways, she came and found me (sister haller is in the bathroom) and said, “Sister Stockinger! I just don’t know where to send you!” so I listed a couple streets we’ve already tracted. She went back to the living room, prayed again, and then came and said, “Okay. Go to enchanted timbers. that’s the only street that I can think of!” and my thought was, “Oh crap. we’ve already tracted that street. hopefully someone is ready for us now…” we just REALLY needed success to show her that her faith was strong and that we appreciate everything she does for us! So we went to Enchanted Timbers and there was another side to the street! It’s what we like to call a “jump street” when another main road cuts through it. So we went to the side we hadn’t been before, or ever noticed, and off we went. We weren’t having any luck and i was getting worried. Finally, we walked up to this kid sitting in a van. He immediately said, “OH no thank you!” so I just said, “well do you know of anyone who may need help in any way?” then he asked where we were from… blah blah blah. He told us he was friends with two of the guys in our ward and i knew INSTANTLY who this kid was! His name is Erik Anaya. Keith Philips (the sweet boy who’s mom has had many strokes) gave us his name as a referral but never gave us the address cause he wanted to work on him a little bit more. So we’ve had this kids name on our referrals list that has needed to be contacted for over a month. it has been driving me crazy. and here we come – the faith of sister elzinga sending us to him! we had a great chit chat with him and he told us to come back in a week cause he was getting ready to go to Mexico. I am so pumped. It’s seriously a miracle that we found this kid! It was awful but kinda funny cause he said, “well i went to church with Kiger once, but he never invited me back. I thought i wasn’t welcome or something” and Kiger had told us that he thought Erik wasn’t interested or something. So now we’re all “YES! HE DOES WANT TO LEARN!” So i’m excited to go share all that with the guys and start teaching Erik. We don’t have too much time though cause he’s leaving for school soon.

In church this Sunday we had a great 3rd hour all combined… it was on family history and temple work. Our bishop said this, “If you want your teenagers to have their minds in the right place, take them to the temple. Don’t send them, TAKE THEM!” And i thought – how cool would that be? To go do baptisms for the dead once a week with Mom and Dad? So Mom – take the boys to the temple! That will help them get their heads centered and ready for a mission.

And that’s the most exciting parts of my week. I’ve been doing a lot of studying on hope,charity, and patience. We find out who’s getting transferred next Sunday and I’m worried that I might train. I really don’t want to… I just want to have a regular companion. haha. but we’ll see; my district is betting that I’ll train. That’s why I’ve really been studying those 3 topics so I’ll be prepared if needed. haha. But hey look – i’ve been out here for 2 months, 3 weeks, and haven’t died yet. I’m just proud of that…


Love y’all so much! Keep doing good things (:

— Sister Stockinger



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