July 7, 2013 Dad’s letter to Moe

Hello Sisters!

There was no work today (Saturday the 6th), so I turned it into a laundry day and car search (frustration) day. I am taking the time to write just a bit before bed. As usual from dad, it won’t be much, but it WILL have a couple pictures of Keirsten for Sister Stockinger to see. Western themed temple wedding in Boise on Nic’s side of the family.

There is not much for me to report. I work. I went to Beulah 30 miles away to do laundry today when I got told there would be no work. I would do it here, but the machines have taken my money enough that I can’t see taking the chance… I keep trying to shift to 5th gear…. Baked Ziti from Stouffer’s tastes good but there is a strong aftertaste. 

Well, that is all I have. I ran into another driver who was looking for paper plates and I told him I could give him some. He stayed about 45 minutes talking. It’s now 12:41 am.

 Love to all,

 Stephen Stockinger/Dad


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