July 7, 2013 Mom’s letter to Moe

I’ve been waiting all night for Thomas to finish his letter to you, and he tells me he can get off, but I want him to finish! So, here goes writing on my iPad.

I had hoped to have accomplished more this Sunday because Megan and Nic won’t be over since his family reunion starts today. His family is doing things here in Boise throughout the next few days. His youngest sister, Jillyn, got sealed on Saturday in the Boise temple. I took care of Keirsten outside and she was so good for me…kept walking and walking and walking. It was real cute when cousins showed up because you could instantly tell she likes her cousin Alyse and kept laughing and chasing after Alyse thinking a game was going on and there really wasn’t. The other grandma that showed up to take care of some of the grand kids was prepared with coloring books and smartie candies. It never occurred for me to do that. Course, the other kids were older, and Keirsten wasn’t about to hold still for very long. I did try to have her color on my iPad and Megan did have a diaper bag well packed. But Keirsten was scarfing down those smarties…a big hit over colored mini marshmallows, which surprised me.  Jillyn’s wedding dress was simple and, of course, pretty. I then went in and did some temple work for an hour. I wasn’t able to attend the temple Friday afternoon, so I’m glad I was able to go on Saturday.

I forgot to tell you last week that Sister Smithee came up to me after church to tell me she had received a letter from you, but the bottom right corner of the envelope was torn off in a square so when she opened the envelope the entire middle of the letter was gone and she couldn’t follow what you had written. Oh no! Bummer. Can’t remember if I told you, but her husband has just gotten out of the hospital – was in for ten days. Guess he got coughing so hard he gave himself a double hernia and then after surgery his heart went into afilibration so they stopped and restarted his heart again. Then he got a massive infection in his surgical site, has been on three different oral and IV antibiotics, and didn’t eat for eight days. He was at church today, but didn’t have a chance to talk with him. AND, their oldest daughter is home visiting from Kentucky for the summer (her husband is in the military and deployed right now), and has recently come back to being active in the church. She bore her testimony and is so grateful to ward members who worked with her as their ‘project’ although she never knew she was their ‘project’, which she’s glad about or she says she would have pushed back. She looks good and seems happier.

Sister Marla Allen is not doing well with her health. She is flying to the Mayo Clinic on Monday. Her cancer is back but also having major issues with her bones – they want to do hip surgery, shoulder surgery, a rod in her back, etc. She has asked people to pray in specifics for her to have a miracle of healing. I now visit teach her and like her so much. She is amazing and so knowledgeable and such a strength to her family. I’ve been praying for her lots.

Oh – and Uncle Eric said they had one of your letters come back that they’d mailed to you so I gave them your mission address this time.  We are anxious to hear if you’re being transferred or not. Thought the new greenie missionary training program was a three month thing and you haven’t quite been out in TX for three months so didn’t think you’d have a chance of being a trainer.

The transmission went out on the van coming back from my aunt’s funeral in Utah. I broke down near Glenns Ferry again. Dang. Due to the long 4th of July weekend, the van just got towed today and we’ll soon find out what’s going on. I don’t dare drive it to the reunion the end of the month; we may be forced to get two newer vehicles. Sigh. So waiting to be told what’s up with the van.

Relief Society lesson was way good from the Daughters of Our Kingdom book taught by Sister Smith. I don’t have a lot of time to go into details like I had wanted…Oh by the way, Sister Sondra Chandler passed away a week ago. Her funeral was this past Friday.

And your cousin, Teal, is working in SLC now before going to college and he fell asleep at the wheel coming home from work after only having his car for about four days and at 65 mph he crashed into another car. Cars totaled, no car now, has to ride the city bus. Glad he is okay though.

Guess Richard John got slightly hurt doing fireworks with friends –  nothing stupid he said. It’s just the firework didn’t go where it was supposed to, got his leg bruised/burned and the eyelashes singed off of his right eye, I believe it is. Gol dang! That will take a couple of months to grow back in. I got home on the fourth and boys were gone with friends, but Megan, Nic, and Keirsten came over late and we hung out and did a small fireworks show with Keirsten. Was fun.

Well, gonna have to cut this short. Looking forward to hearing from you. Glad you liked the box and that it made you happy.




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