July 14, 2013 dad’s letter to Moe

Hello hello!
How are Sister Fielding and Sister Stockinger?  Life for Terri and I has been “active” with car hunting and researching, but as Terri will no doubt fill you in, we have a newer car! I will leave the details to her!
My life is the same… Working long difficult hours, interspersed with fitful sleep and a desire to be elsewhere. I did get the excitement of being in a vehicular accident with my truck, but the details are so blah blah… Basically, I was filling my fuel tank with diesel when the truck in front of me lost control of his brakes and rolled back into me. Cost me a day of work… so unhappy about that!
Work has been slow, and we are limited to 3 loads per day. That is okay if I get loads from QEP sites (an oil company) but not so much if from Halcon sites. Today is a Halcon day, and I am stuck at a disposal waiting for their high levels to drop so I can offload.
Sister Fielding – I am shocked at the story of the fire in your building! I think your companion is on her last mission….
So Sister Stockinger… the Trainer!  How is your greenie? Where is she from and all that…? Being a leader is a struggle and a blessing, as you are no doubt learning.
I hope that all is well in your missions.  I pray constantly that you will teach by the Spirit and be inspired to do what is needed. I hope that you are both well and happy, and Terri and I and the boys miss you both very much. 
Best wishes and love,
Stephen Stockinger/Dad

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