July 14, 2013 mom’s letter to Moe

Good evening Sister Stockinger,

How goes it? Another enjoyable Sunday here; the day seems to go by so fast with church being in the afternoon, fix dinner, have FHE, and write you! All good things!

Well, guess dad’s left it up to me…yes, we bought a new “used” car on Thursday and I got to pick it up Friday about noontime. Dad and I have both poured over Consumer Reports online researching to death about the best choice of a car. Hands down, Hondas and Toyotas beat everyone else by leaps and bounds. And I also learned that you shouldn’t spend more than 20% of your net income on a vehicle whether you’re buying one car or six. So that bit of info gave us the guideline we needed – I realized I’d been test driving cars out of our price range. Anything we test drove in a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 was so many years older with so such high miles that if wasn’t feeling right. Then I got in touch with my cousin’s husband who lives out by Simplot soccer fields, and he has been a car dealer for the past 18 years. He used to have a business in Utah, but they moved to Boise a couple of years ago. Anyways, he has an office and a shop, but not a lot; he goes to auction and bids on vehicles that people are specifically looking for. So, we had initially given him quite a few types of cars we were interested in, and Tom was with me when we test drove a bunch out in Nampa, and amazingly enough the list shrank down and everything fell into place. Dad had told me about the Scion cars being made by Toyota so I went and test drove two – an earlier model and a more recent model. The newer model definitely had a lot more pick up and go, and I was hooked the minute I drove it. Then when I spoke with Troy, he was going to auction the next morning out by the outlet mall, and he says to me, “Have you ever considered a Scion xB? There looks to be one at auction in excellent condition.” The next morning he starts texting me that it was in “diamond” condition and we needed to jump on this one. Three dealers bid on it and a couple hours later we found out he won the bid and so we now own a 2009 plum color Scion xB that we all love! It has spunk! I feel like I’m in a sports car. It certainly is way different from the van image, and it will be an adjustment to not have so much cargo hauling capacity, but we were ready to drive something smaller with better gas mileage.

The van is still in the shop. The owners have managed to get us a brand new rebuilt transmission instead of buying Honda components and keep rebuilding our original transmission. We are waiting for that to come in. We originally wanted to get the van fixed and trade it in, but everything came together quickly to get this Scion, and dad and I have decided to give the van one more chance and he is going to drive it back and forth to ND. The RAV4 needs transmission and engine repairs on it that we are going to let be a project car at Meridian High School, if they’ll take it, and then let it become a teenager car for here locally.

I have also spent a lot of time helping Uncle Keith fine tune the layout and decisions with the reunion. In a nutshell, the lower campground site we had reservations at at Three Island Crossing State Park, has had mechanical failure that won’t give us water or electricity so I spent five hours Saturday on the phone getting all new reservations switched around to the upper campground site. Once again, all that is falling back into shape. The end of this week I need to start gathering up all the camping gear and have the boys set up tents to make sure we have all the poles and stakes.


Thomas is getting all four wisdom teeth pulled Monday morning! I am taking him over to Nampa to the same oral surgeon that took out Richard and Megan’s wisdom teeth. They did quite well from it all so here’s hoping the same. He has the entire week of work off.

Yes, I enjoyed the birthday card you sent me. I got quite a laugh out of it! Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier.

Uncle Eric called me again today to double check your address and sure enough, it is the same as what he wrote on the envelope. The message stamped on it said, “return to sender –  insufficient address – unable to forward”. Odd. He’s sending out again.

Well, sorry to hear about Valerie and her smoking. That’s why they’re called addictions – hard to quit. Uncle Keiths email is:   That is way cool you’re teaching a family! So when is their baptism date? And how is it being a TRAINER?!?!?  Aaaahhh! Congrats sweetie! Hope you two have hit it off. Looking forward to the entire scoop….

Keirsten went to doctor this week – 18 pounds now. She got two shots – one in each leg and hated her mom for that.

For FHE tonight I found the talk by Pres. Kimball “Lock Your Heart” and read it to the boys. Hope it sunk in. They did listen. I love all the recommended learning stuff you’re sending our way to use. So much to try and implement. Boys are hardly home between work, basketball at the Y, and computer games, I can’t seem to instill in them the importance of finding a little time to improve on the spiritual side of their lives on all this stuff you’re sending. All in time I suppose.

I’d better end this – long day ahead with Tom and his teeth. Love you bunches sweetie. Got the package you sent and the money you mailed arrived just fine. Thanks. Love all the stuff in the package too.




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