July 15, 2013 Moe’s letter to home

This week has been pretty exciting…. I’m going to type as fast as I can!

Tuesday I got my brand new companion (: Her name is SISTER KAELIN! I adore her. She is so stinking cute. She’s from SLC – Holiday area. We hit it off instantly. I can tell these 3 months are going to be a bit smoother…. (: Heavenly Father answers prayers! She’s just so humble and willing to learn. She tells me all the time, “I just know heavenly father knew I needed you to be my companion! I love you sister stockinger!” awwwww! I love her too. She’s awesome… I think she struggled a little bit with her companion in the MTC so she was worried that’s how the whole mission would be. haha sooo we think a lot alike (:

The mormon.org videos for the week are www.mormon.org/tim and www.mormon.org/paora… They’re pretty inspiring for me, so hopefully you’ll like them too (:

Poor sister kaelin has been welcomed to Texas with 100+ degree weather. We were having a lesson on Thursday with a less active man, so we had to sit outside, and she was sweating SO MUCH that he turned to her, mid sentence, and asked, “are you okay?” we were laughing pretty hard cause her body just isn’t adjusting and a lot of people keep asking her that… it’s sad, and we’re praying she’ll adjust… i am actually loving the heat now. I’m used to being sopping wet all the time(: haha the sweat is something I’ve learned to get over… still not a fan of humidity though. but it was so hot that we decided to get some snocones. we had a delicious pina colada, nectar, and cream one. OH MY HECK! Texans know how to do snocones. They’re to die for. mmm….

On Friday we had a lesson with Valerie. She told us how she was just feeling SO HAPPY because she had the Lord answer her prayer directly that day. She just bore testimony left and right about how she knew this church is true, how the prophets are real, how God is aware of her, that Christ is her savior… I was blown away. She’s never been so direct! And we weren’t asking her anything! She was gushing. ALL because Heavenly Father answered her prayer. She just knew everything else had to be true! She also told us how she hadn’t smoked a real cigarette in 3 days, but was using her electric ones (which we still have to get her off of). I asked how many real ones she still had. “I’ll just show you” she said. Before I could say anything else she was ripping up her last two cigarettes! I was stunned. Never, did I EVER, think she’d ever reach that point. She sort of sat there like, “What did i just do?” but then yelled, at the top of her black lady lungs (which are powerful. holy cow), “I FEEL SO GOOD! I LOVE THAT GOD LOVES ME!”. and that was that. She is done with real cigarettes and we are working on the electric ones now! This was such a huge answer to my prayers. I was so relieved.

On Saturday we went to the Cantu’s home for their son’s, Brandon, 12th birthday party. Mexican’s know how to throw a party… Paul did all the cooking and it was GOOD! So much food. We’d just had lunch, so then we had to eat a full meal at their house, then we were force fed ice cream by Valerie later, and then had a Chinese buffet for dinner! SO much food on Saturday. i probably gained 5 lbs that day. Ugh.

After the party we got to attend a baptism for the Spanish Elders. It was the most incredible experience. We were able to bring Valerie(: We didn’t tell her it was going to be in Spanish till we got there though… hahaha we were sneaky. I told her to listen to the spirit and figure out if this is truly something she wants to be a part of. She wasn’t listening very well since it was in Spanish, but once the actual baptism was taking place her eyes were GLUED on the font. She subconsciously stood up – she was in awe – mouth wide open. Tears started streaming down her face… She looked at me and said, “Oh baby girl, I felt that! This is true!” and when we were talking about it later, she said, “I know this was her day, but I feel like it’s MY day! I WANT IT TO BE MY DAY! but I know i have things to work on…” I was so happy for her. What made this baptism so incredible (i was crying like a baby) was cause I walked in and both of the elders were dressed in white. I didn’t really make that connection, that only one of them needed to perform the baptism, until right before it happened. Elder Gamez is the elder with cerebral palsey. He and Elder Duke both got in the font with Yolanda. Elder Gamez said the ordinance prayer, and when it was time to dunk her, Elder Duke helped ease her in. It was so amazing to watch. Elder Gamez was BEAMING! This was his first baptism (he’s been out for 1 transfer). I was crying so hard. The spirit was so strong. Elder Duke is the best – he gives every opportunity to Elder Gamez. I am so impressed by them.

And that was the most amazing part of my week. It was honestly so spiritual I don’t think I could write about anything else…. Things have just been pretty wild being a trainer. There are things I’m still learning, but elder duke helps me out each night. He’s really patient… I’m thankful for that!  But I hope y’all have been seeking out missionary opportunities. It’s an amazing experience! Keep praying for the courage to act on the opportunity once it presents itself (:

I love you all! I miss you very much, but am LOVING Humble, TX (: It’s a fantastic place to live! I love you and miss you.

— Sister Stockinger



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