July 15, 2013 Moe’s letter to mom

Wow. I’m amazed you bought a car. NO PICTURES?! I’m glad it all fell into place though. I’ve been praying it’d all get sorted out! Whew. Heavenly Father listens. He even cares about silly cars (: How many miles did it have on it? I’m glad the reunion isn’t HOURS away; now you’ll get to save on miles there! haha since we track our miles for the mission cars, that’s all I really care about when it comes to vehicles right now… Meh. Driving distance takes a toll on cars! I’m learning that. haha.

We haven’t officially commited the Cantu’s to a date. We are extending it to them this next Sunday. So I’ll keep that a secret until we give it to them… We have a good feeling about it though! And we are going to start teaching their son Brandon as well. So we’ll have pretty much the whole family taking the discussions; they have kids who don’t live at home.

Being a trainer is pretty much like being a junior companion. Except I do more paper work… haha sooo it’s kinda cool I guess. Sister kaelin is awesome. We get along really well. We have been on the same page of communication from the beginning so it’s been smooth sailing so far! We’re open to discussion on anything; I’m thankful for that. I try to be open to her promptings of the spirit and act on them. I’m really working to not dominate, even though I know the area and our investigators best. I’m just trying to keep in mind that she’s been called to Humble for a reason and that she’s entitled to revelation for it. So we’re working pretty good together! She’s super cute. I’ll send a picture!

I’m glad y’all read that talk. It’s awesome! a little scary – but it’s not church doctrine. So keep that in mind… I feel it’s good advice to apply though. Hopefully the boys will get their act together! Being on a mission is awesome. I love it! I can’t believe I’ve already been out for as long as I have… Man oh man!

Well I need to get going! I love you so much! Talk to you soon

— Sister Stockinger


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