July 8, 2013 Moe’s letter home

Well, It’s official… Thomas writes the most hilarious letters. Holy cow. Either my sense of humor has reduced since becoming a missionary, or Thomas is actually funny now! šŸ˜› hahaha I could hear the way he’d tell his stories and I just laughed sooo hard… Holy cow.

Anyways – on with my week! It was a good one. Lots of stuff happened… but since the transfer just ended, i have a new planner and left my old one at home so I hope I don’t forget anything important.

I guess the most important thing to mention is: I’M PREGNANT! Which means: I’M TRAINING! I get my greenie tomorrow morning around 11… two hours before that I get to be trained on how to train… then I’m just tossed in. I heard it isn’t really a training though; just a lot of humbling words from President Crawford. AKA: let’s be chastised for two hours (: haha looking forward to it! But the way transfer callsĀ happen isĀ like this: Friday flush calls come (BOTH missionaries are leaving the area), Saturday regular transfer calls come (one missionary leaving) and Sunday President calls and informs the trainers that they are training. However, I knew on Friday that I’d be training cause we had to go to the mission home so Sister Haller could talk with President. Since we were there – that means I get to be interviewed for as well! He sat me down and said, “So do you know why I wanted to speak with you?” “Cause of my emails? (we’ve been having a good discussion)”, “No! I want to call you to be a trainer!” *awkward stare down*… *Sister Stockinger starts crying* “Why are you crying sister stockinger?”, “I’M NOT READY!!!!” *full sobbing” we had a good and chat and he assured me that he was fully confident in my ability to lead the area and train. We only have 6 english speaking girls coming out, so to be picked out of the WHOLE mission makes me feel a lot of pressure… But I’m becoming a little less sickly and a bit more excited! And am thankful that the Lord trusts me with the Humble, Texas portion of his vineyard. That makes me the most excited (:

I’m amazed at how quickly my 12 weeks have gone by. It seems like I just got here! Mom is allowed to say, “I told you so” since she knew by the end of this I’d find some love in my heart for my companion… and I did. I’m not heart broken that we’re separating, but certainly not throwing a party. I’m thankful that President Crawford saw the benefit of keeping us together. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I have learned; that the Lord was able to send me through his refining fire and teach me what I needed to learn. and trust me – i’ve learned quite a bit. I am so thankful for my mission! T.H.E mission is the best on earth!

So I think I told you how we found a family to teach, but we can only get in with them every other sunday since the mom has a crazy work schedule… Well yesterday was the second day we got to teach them. It was probably the most spiritual lesson we’ve had since I’ve been here. I was fighting back tears the whole way through it. This family is SO prepared. After we recited the joseph smith vision, the 15 year old daughter, Ashley,Ā described feelings of the spirit; she wanted to cry and didn’t know why! That’s when I did start crying; I was so happy for her. We then went on to an AMAZING discussion; openly talking back and forth. Her dad, Paul,Ā is the sweetest man i’ve met here. He loves his family SO MUCH. He is very interested in the priesthood and the ability we have to seal families for time and eternity. His wife, Mirabel,Ā is very sweet; she is very excited to keep learning. Paul said some of the best things though; stuff missionaries always want to hear. He said, “Ya know, we always say we don’t have time for church. but apparently we have time for y’all to come over! I want to take my family to church next week” We were stunned. Then we extended the baptismal invitation, (will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?) Mirabel immediately responded with, “Well Paul has been baptized already, but I want to!” and Paul said, “WAIT A MINUTE! Let me speak for myself! I DO want to be baptized. I don’t think my baptism counts! I was just a baby!” So he too is preparing for baptism. Ashley as well… I am SO EXCITED for them! They are such a beautiful family. I feel so much love for them and hardly know them. They are so special. I’m excited to take my greenie to their house because they will be an excellent example of progressing investigators.

On Thursday we had a lesson with Lawrence. He sort of broke our hearts. He doesn’t fully comprehend the priesthood; needing to have the authority to act in the name of God. He said a lot of things that hurt our feelings, but still wants to meet with us. He comes to church every week, so as long as he keeps that up, we can keep teaching him. Otherwise we’ll probably drop him… We just keep swimming in place. From what I can see, his faith isn’t increasing. He’s doing the things we ask, but he isn’t internalizing things. So it’s a little disappointing, but it just might not be his time. As long as he’s at church and feeling the spirit there, I’m happy to keep helping him along.

I gave up sweets for a week and 2 days, trying to be like my mom… but that ended. I did that to help motivate Valerie to quit smoking, but she was smoking anyways! but i didn’t know this till a week and 2 days had passed! I’ve turned down some of the BEST desserts for her sake, and WHAM. She tells me she’s been smoking anyways! I don’t know what to with that woman… I love her to death but she will NOT quit that habit. Maybe someone can get me Uncle Keith’s email address? I’d like to pick his brain…

So I believe that was the most exciting events for the week. Testimony meeting yesterday was so great. I love this ward SO MUCH!Ā I’m so thankful to be staying in Humble. It’s such a great place to live and serve! Even with the 107F degrees outside, 70%+ humidity… It’s a GREAT place to be. I’m glad I get to spend the first 6mo of my mission here!

I love this gospel more than anything else. I am so thankful for all of y’all supporting me out here! Thank you for making it possible. I am loving every minute of it!

Choose the right and go to the temple OFTEN!

— Sister Stockinger



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