July 22, 2013 Moe’s letter

I HAVE TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW: I bought the CUTEST boots! ahhhhh!!!!! I got them in the kids section (: Hurray for small feet! hahaha they’re way cheaper and are the exact same ones I wanted in the women’s section. The lady at the store was amazed; I got the boots I wanted for nearly half the price 😛

This week has been awesome. We have been so blessed to receive referrals. We have been struggling with contacting people (tracting just isn’t effective and we don’t have any other resources in humble) so we rely heavily on referrals from members and other missionaries. And the Lord answers our prayers! On Friday we got 5 referrals, and Sunday we got 1. So now we have TONS of work to do this week (: I’m so excited!

This week we had meetings with President Crawford. It was short and to the point! I was kind of surprised; he didn’t chastise as much as he usually does. haha He was actually pretty easy to talk to this time. We talked a lot about how being a trainer has been and how we can help Valerie more. I was very grateful for his advice and guidance.

This week my favorite scriptures have been 2 Nephi 4:15-end. It is SO GOOD! I love the way it starts; “Upon these I write the things of my soul…” you just KNOW he’s about to be real with you – giving good advice and telling you of his struggles. In verse 17 he exclaims, “Oh wretched man that I am!” and goes on to talk about how he’s so easily tempted to sin. A PROPHET! Tempted to sin? What the… He just talks a lot about his weakness but how the Lord has lifted him up. I’ve thought about it all week. I love it so much! It’s very inspiring.

On Saturday we had a ward party. Most of our ward is inactive but we were able to get TONS of people there! We did all kinds of pioneer geared games; homemade ice cream and root beer, biscuts, a photo booth that looked old with tons of clothes to dress up in, watermelon eating contest, a stick pull contest between all the men, a little fish pond thing, tug of war… It was so fun! We had Valerie and 2 of her grandsons there, and then the Cantu family we are teaching came as well. It was so awesome! Our ward did a good job introducing themselves and making everyone feel welcome. I was a little worried about that… but it turned out good!

We have been so blessed to get on better terms with a less active family – the Marksberrys. We were on shaky ground for various reasons but we’ve managed to strengthen the relationship again. They came to the party, went to a birthday party for a member’s kid, went to church, AND – here’s the best part – we were going to take them cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday to help wake them up for church (and they knew we were bringing them) Megan texted us and told us not to. we were bummed. BUT she called us that morning and said “are y’all almost here?” “uh… what?” “I’m making us all breakfast. are you coming?” So we booked it over to their trailer and ate some not-so-delicious French toast (: BUT it was awesome because that means she loves/trusts us and that she’s willing to get up for church all on her own. It was so great. We were pretty pleased. Progress is beginning to happen!

We also met this super cool guy named Thomas. I’m pretty sure Sister Kaelin is in love with him hahaha it’s funny cause he looks like a total sweetie; tan, strong, nice smile with dimples… and then we find out he’s been out of prison for 4.5 months. But he has the kindest spirit. He’s so humble right now; we need to get him to church! He was touched by the Restoration lesson – it gave him goose bumps. So we’re praying that he’ll stick with us and that he’ll begin to progress!

So that’s the most exciting part of my week. We have had been so blessed to teach many, many lessons. Way above our average! I’m thankful for that. Check out this video: www.mormon.org/jason. He’s from BOISE! It was so cool! I was all, “Hey, I recognize all this stuff!” hahaha

So yeah… Things are going really well. I adore my companion, I love teaching the gospel, I love living in Humble, I’m getting fat and learning to cope with it, we have an ant problem again but I’ve learned how to not be scared of squishing them with my fingers, the church is SO TRUE! and I love being a part of it!

I hope you all have the best week. I love and miss you all!

— Sister Stockinger


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