July 29, 2013 Dad’s letter to Moe

An especially HAPPY hello from Boise, Idaho! It is SO awesome to be home with family. I drove home last Tuesday, taking 18+ hours since I did not have 5th gear in my Toyota and could only travel about 63 miles per hour. I got started much later than I expected and arrived around 1 a.m. I kissed Terri hello and went off to do the paper route, finally getting into bed around 5. Long day! We were supposed to spend Wednesday packing for the reunion, but I passed out around 2 p.m. and slept till 5. But we were completely packed by 11 a.m. the next morning when the boys were getting out of BYS (mini-EFY) and after a few short stops at Costco and Walmart were on our way to Glenn’s Ferry.

The outlook for weather was “miserable” but for a few short hours we had plenty of shade, and with fans and electrical cords strung everywhere we all stayed comfortable and tolerated the heat rather well. It REALLY helped to have the city pool to escape to at night! Fieldings and Stockingers for the most part are WHITE folk… 🙂 Farmer tans were in abundance!! Madison and Bailey (I think Bailey) are egg toss champions. We had enough eggs to do a second round, and Ken and I took “2nd Champions” in that one. I had the very rare luck this reunion and defeated Lorin in horseshoes! 21-12! Richard John defeated me 21-19, then beat Eric 21-10(?) for the championship! There were no horseshoe pits at Three Island Crossing park, but the staff was very friendly and accommodating and actually mowed the dry sagebrush/weed area so we could setup our horseshoe pits. Plenty of brother-in-laws had those pop-up shelters, and we moved them about to create pavilions. Those and our fans kept us happy and cool enough! Super clean bathrooms and showers were greatly appreciated by all!

The only real downer is all the idiot adults who did not think to water down the coals after the awesome Dutch Oven meal by Eric. Poor Sloane stepped on the coals later that night. I was asleep when it happened, but I am told she was badly burnt on the bottom of her foot. Shannon and her slept sitting up with Sloane’s foot in a bucket of ice water. It looked much better in the morning I am told. I told her how sorry I was that it happened. She said “it was my daddy’s fault”. Kids say the darnedest things, right Sister Fielding? Poor Eric was telling her that all night, so she just related the “facts” to me. Truth is, the thought even crossed my mind we had to water those down, but even I shrugged it off in passing. Stupid idiot adults, just like I said!

I think everyone agreed that camping for the reunion was a success and not all that miserable. It got cool enough at night to need a sleeping bag, but it was decided at the adult meeting to try to get the Logan/Paradise, Utah site every first weekend in July. I know the reunion will be there next year at that time for sure. Sister Fielding – We all agreed it would be fun to get the Mix’s cabin in Island Park, but so many of the siblings could not even remember how big it was. Ken remembered it being big, but admits he was small when last there. The Mix family is good friends with dad and mom Fielding from way way back. They had cabins near each other in Island Park for awhile.

Well, I do not have much more to relate. Terri and I are looking at out pregnant bulldog Pippa sideways every chance we get and jump at every burp and other sound she makes. I did not know bulldogs grew udders when pregnant and that is ALL I am saying on her condition.

I hope you are finding something joyful to appreciate about your missions today and everyday this week. I know you both face struggles, but imagine what, it must have been like for Jesus Christ and what He faced, and what temptations and disappointments the brethren today must face and deal with. Satan wants us all to struggle and give up! Refuse to let him win today, and when tomorrow comes, be resolved tonight to make him the biggest loser tomorrow too!

I love and appreciate you SO much! I am super excited for Sister Anna Fielding as she nears completion of her first week in the MTC! My love and prayers are with you!!!

Best Wishes and Love,



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