July 29, 2013 letter to Moe

Dear Sister Stockinger,

Hello sweetie! You are right…cute boots that you purchased. Lucky you who can wear kids size shoes.

This past week was so fun seeing family again at the family reunion. It was held this year at Three Island Crossing State Park. Do you remember me taking you kids there a couple of times for the Oregon Trail wagon train reenactment? It is a nice state park with lots of grass and huge trees, showers, and flushing toilets. But, it certainly was hot and a sweaty experience; course, probably nothing like what you get to experience in Texas. Keith and our family were the first ones there this past Thursday afternoon. Lorin’s family was the last to arrive around 9:30 that night – usual traveling issues along the way, I guess. Anyway, we got our tents set up, campsite set up, and hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings ready for everyone’s arrival. We also made homemade root beer and it was delish! The root beer extract wasn’t brown and kinda threw me when I went to do a taste test. The soda was clear. But it tasted excellent and people wanted more made the next night. I had brought extra extract, but didn’t have extra dry ice. We all then went swimming at the city pool from 7 – 9 pm. It felt SO good, nice breeze out. All the uncles and nephews played basketball in the pool the entire two hours. They had a blast.

Friday consisted of our family fixing breakfast. Eric was able to pickup bacon and sausage from somewhere that was already precooked and came packaged with like 300 pieces so this year everyone had plenty of bacon and sausage. It was nice to visit in the mornings when it was cool out. The horseshoe tournament covered two days. There wasn’t an actual horseshoe pit at the park and we’d hoped they would let us set up in the grass, but they wouldn’t. They were very accommodating though and weed wacked down the brush right along the backside of where we all were camping and let us make our pits there. The guys just carried over a couple of the portable awning coverings that had been brought and we all dragged our chairs and sat and watched the horseshoe tourney. John was in charge of this event and it was fun. At one point through the bracket rankings, dad and John became paired up and that was a close game. John ended up beating dad by two points. It was also interesting that Eric and Shannon ended up playing against each other and Eric won. The final showdown was between John and Eric. John won!!

The little kids all enjoyed the treasure hunt and the fish pond in the afternoon. I’d also gotten prior approval and we also went over to the LDS church in town to let all the guys play some basketball and play board games in the coolness of the building. We all swam again that night and came back and Keith and his girls taught everyone to make homemade ice cream in a ziplock bag. That was fun.

All the family photos were taken on Saturday morning; we had the Dummy Doll, and a bit later we all went down to the day use area of the park and had the egg toss. It’s always fun to see eggs bouncing along in the grass. Laurie fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch with all the fixings. Bacon got made in them too since we had so much bacon this year. Was great! Love bacon!

That night was a short talent show and then the testimony meeting. Grandma had emailed her testimony to Uncle Ken to share and that is how we started off the meeting. It was a perfect thing to do. Lots and lots of good testimonies were shared. Afterwards, at 10 pm at night I made up scones and we had a late night snack of those. Homemade root beer and scones are some of my childhood reunion memories so it was nice it got done at this one while camping. Lots of people stayed up late on this night playing games.

You know, I have never minded camping, but it has been a lot of years since I’ve been camping due to paper routes tying us down. My back certainly didn’t appreciate sleeping on the ground and the heat was challenging at times – course, it really helped that we had our redneck air conditioning with fans plugged in to long electrical cords all day long. That was extremely helpful. And we all were so grateful to have the city pool to enjoy. Interesting to me how much the generations have changed with so many modern conveniences. We all have it so easy really.

The Dutch oven meal was that evening and I guess dad told you about Sloan stepping on the hot coals late at night when they were forgotten to have water thrown on them. The Dutch oven cooking was done on the driveway pad. (There were no fires lit at night due to a ban in the entire state due to such hot dry conditions.) Burns are the worst the first day – so painful! She was all willing to show everyone her foot the next morning and she can step on her heel. The blisters are all on the pad of her foot and down the side.

So anyway, guess you’re emailing as I type. Better end this now. Pippa is due this Saturday. She looks miserable! She’s not eating today and has a cold in her eye. I just fed her some cheese the breeder said to try. Gonna take her to the doc at 1 pm about the eye.

Awesome awesome letter Moe! So thrilled for you! Aunt Kris can’t wait to get their first letter from Anna. It has been such a whirlwind the past few weeks. Guess Anna said it hasn’t really even sunk in that she is graduated from college because there were so many various items vying for her attention. But it all got done. Brock just cried his eyes out during the testimony mtg about Anna getting dropped off at the MTC. Next is Amberlie!

I’ll try to send some photos here soon.




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