Moe’s Letter – August 19, 2013

This has been the most wild week!

I have been sicker than sick. SO SICK that I asked President to pray about transferring me and giving Sister Kaelin a better trainer… So he did. It’s goodbye Humble for Sister Stockinger! I get transferred tomorrow morning. I can’t believe it! I cried like a baby yesterday at church. It was SO HARD saying goodbye to all those people… PLUS saying goodbye to Sister Kaelin is going to be hard. I love her! But it’s for the best… I want her to have the best experience for starting her mission and I am not accomplishing that.

When I told Valerie she had a FIT. I told her to hurry up and quit smoking so that I can come back and see her get baptized. She didnt think I was very funny. haha but I love her so much! She was hilarious. I said, “Valerie, you know I love you very much, right?” “Oh yes baby girl. I love you too!” “Okay… I’m very sorry, but the man who takes care of me has asked me to move an-” “NOOOO! First I lost my other girl, now YOU TOO!? No!” *screaming and running away from me in the church* It took everything in me not to laugh because she was soooo dramatic! But we worked it out. I’m going to call her and say goodbye.

The Cantu’s have been working like crazy. I’m not sure if I’m going to get to see them before I go… All I can do is pray for them now. But they are amazing and I do love them quite a bit.

With all of my health problems lately I’ve been glued to the book of mormon. It’s seriously the best thing on earth! I don’t know how people function without it. Actually – they don’t. I already know that! Look at the world; it’s a wreck! Stupid people… They just need to check us out and see how awesome we are! My graciousness. But the book of mormon has been my lifeline this week. D&C 121 has been a big one too… I figured if Joseph Smith can endure Liberty Jail, I can put up with my sickness. Sometimes I do think, “Uh, Heavenly Father? Why can’t I be healthy? I’m trying to serve you!” but then I have to think maybe there’s a bigger lesson for me to learn… Maybe my companions need to learn how to wait on someone hand and foot. haha jk I don’t make her do that. She’s so sweet and does it all on her own. She brings me a gatorade the second we get up in the morning because I usually have thrown up in the night (WHOA THERE: that may have been too graphic. sorry bout that!) so we have to replenish my fluids. BUUUT yeah… The scriptures can heal you. They are amazing. They can motivate, encourage, heal, give persepective, and push you to work harder in ways you didn’t think possible. So if you’re stuggling… Too bad! D&C 121 will kick your tooshy.

I tell everyone I meet about our bulldogs. No one cares. hahahaha I should probably print their pictures so people get captivated. They’re so cute! That picture of keirsten kissing Minnie Mouse is SOOO CUTE!

So today Sister Hunt and Sister Gardner came to our apartment to hang out and go shopping with us since it’s my last day… We went to Sally Beauty Supply to get Sister Hunt some dye and… I ended up leaving with dye, not her! Shoot. But I can’t take it anymore! ahhh! My hair is nasty. So I’m going to be brunette here real quick. Yeehaw!

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on… I can’t think of anything else SUPER important off the top of my head. I left my old planner at home since we just started my 4th transfer. Can you believe I’ve already been out here 4.5 months? By the end of this transfer it will be 6! My golly. Time flies!

Well I have to get going; lots of people to write! Thanks for everything. I love y’all so much!

— Sister Stockinger


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